Today in Football Foodie on the road, a Pizza Bloody Mary recipe over at Kissing Suzy Kolber

We’ve reached that awful point of the NFL season where there is an incredible imbalance on the Sunday schedule, a bunch of early games and then only two or three games with a 4 ET/1 PT kickoffs. This inequity drags on until after Thanksgiving, giving us plenty of weeks like this week where we only get Jets-Patriots and Jaguars-Raiders with the late start, which means you need to be ready for brunch drinking to handle the massive onslaught of early games. (And by onslaught, I mean the Texans-Ravens matchup gets my vote for Sunday morning, but I wouldn’t object to watching Washington-Giants or Browns-Colts.)

Earlier this season I had a chance to talk with Holly Anderson over at SI’s Campus Union about tailgating and she asked what were my favorite football snack and drink to have during a game. My answer was that they’re the same thing, a Bloody Mary. I’ve written many times about how I love watching football on the West Coast because you wake up and it’s game time and brunch time, which makes the Bloody Mary a perfect match for the early games. It’s restorative and energizing, the perfect mix of booze and savory juice to perk you up. Add a large enough garnish and you’ve pretty much got a meal in a glass. What could make your liquid meal even better? Have it be inspired by one of the greatest football snacks of all time, pizza.

Working on this cocktail was a labor of love, so go check it out. The results are worth it.


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4 Responses to Pizza Bloody Mary: Football Foodie Brunch at KSK

  1. Bill says:

    Made these for Sunday. Very good. Made an frustrating Packer win a lot easier to enjoy. Thanks!

    Go, Pack, Go!

  2. Ally Garner says:

    Lord those look good. The only negative about being pregnant is the prohibition. Well that’s not the only negative, but I’ll spare you the gory details. I wish I could taste one, but I bet our guests will love these at out homecoming Tailgate this weekend. Brilliant idea, Sarah!!

    • sarah sprague says:

      You know, you could make a batch of virgin bloodys just for you!

      Congrats again on the big news, Ally. (Wasn’t sure if my comment went through on your site the other week under the TSWSarah account.) Must be very exciting! (And congrats on the UGA win over Florida last week too!)

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