Hot Bean and Chimichurri Dip and South American Choripan Sandwiches

A long day of football often calls for a hearty dip, especially if you don’t feel like mucking over a grill or with a fryer on a particular game day. This is an easy, filling baked bean dip that doesn’t require a lot of hands on time in the kitchen, leaving you plenty of time to wish you hadn’t benched that no-good crumb-bum Kenny Britt on your fantasy team. Adding chimichurri sauce to the beans not only brings a lot of extra flavor to the little legumes, it also works to thin out the mixture to make for easier chip scooping.

Before we start, a few words about chimichurri. There are a lot of bastardizations of chimichurri sauce out there. Some call for a cilantro or arugula, others throw in unnecessary ingredients like capers or onions, and too many call for the use of a food processor. No. Those recipes are not a classic chimichurri. This is not a South American pesto. This is a course, rich sauce meant to let the parsley and garlic shine with just a hint of heat from the red pepper flakes, the weight of the olive oil cut by the sharpness of the red wine vinegar, together creating a perfect balance that enhances the flavor of whatever you use it on; steak, eggs, on plain bread or in this case, on some beans as a dip.

The Football Foodie is on the road again this week, so join us over on KSK for some Hot Bean and Chimichurri Dip and South American Choripan Sandwiches

Some of the oil will separate to the bottom of the dish, keeping your beans moist and rich. Don’t worry about it. One of my friends calls that the “ring of awesome” around the dip.

Plus, it’s fun to be able to use “F Yeah South American Sandwiches” tag on another site.

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