On Sunday, White House officials canceled all West Wing tours so unsuspecting tourists and visiting celebrities wouldn’t accidentally run into all the high-level national security officials holed up in the Situation Room all afternoon monitoring the feeds they were getting from Mr. Panetta. A staffer went to Costco and came back with a mix of provisions — turkey pita wraps, cold shrimp, potato chips, soda. – New York Times, 05/03/11

So this happened:

And of course, the SandwichTruther verification process and disclosure:

Your move, Times.

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2 Responses to SandwichTruther

  1. Ally Garner says:

    Haha! I love it. I honestly thought your truther tweets were in reference to Reshard Mendenhall’s pr nightmare.

    And, no offense to Costco, but don’t we have chefs in the White House? Pita wraps & a coke is the best we can do for world leaders?

    • sarah sprague says:

      Poor Mendy. If he had just held back before saying he didn’t believe airplanes took down the Towers. Costly lesson for him, for sure.

      I figured A) Sunday and a smaller cooking staff or B) Didn’t want to alert anyone that so many high level people were in the building at the same time on a Sunday? Who knows.

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