Not sure when I last slept, how I got to Dallas-Arlington-Ft.Worth, what I’ve seen, what’s going on and what I’ve eaten other than fried pickles and fried green tomatoes in the past few days.

And now it’s time for the Super Bowl. I’m hoping wherever we end up watching the game, (long, boring story about tickets falling through and one argument about someone not pulling the trigger when prices were lower and now in a heated — or should I say cold — debated over if it’s worth it just go to the Party Plaza for the, um, party goes here), they sell vitamin B 12 shots.

Maybe you’re like me and completely worn out. Maybe you haven’t even started getting your Super Bowl snacks together. Maybe you have got your snacks together, but you feel your table needs just a little something more. Maybe you already ate the snacks you made.

You still have time to make a chèvre cheese plate. Creamy goat cheese cut in to rounds and rolled in herbs and pepper, topped with olives or preserves, plain or with honey.

You will need…

1 log of plain goat cheese

Toppings of your choosing. I recommend ground pepper, fresh chopped herbs, chopped olives or tapenade, raspberry preserves, sweet and hot jalapeno jelly and honey.

Crackers for serving.

Cut the chèvre log into even slices. Roll one slice in freshly ground pepper.

Another in fresh chopped herbs like sage, rosemary and thyme.

Top other slices with a tablespoon or two jellies and preserves, and one piece with a teaspoon (it doesn’t take much) of honey.

Serve with crackers.

Final game of the season, and maybe if things go poorly in March, the final NFL game for quite some time.

Here we go, Steelers, here we go.

(And Pens. Stupid Caps-Pens game on the same day.)

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