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2 Responses to Guest post over on SB Nation today. Talking Super Bowl Burritos!

  1. Ally Garner says:

    Gotta say-i love that so many of your recipes are “freezer” & “make ahead” friendly. My husband is sick with the flu & we’re having 25 people over on Sunday. I’m a tad stressed lol.

    Starting to put together some recipes tonight though, several of which are your recipes.

    Thank you so much Sarah! The 28 Days segment has been a lot of fun :)

    • sarah sprague says:

      What are you making? Sorry to hear your other half is sick, makes getting ready that much tougher. (Plus, no one likes to be sick.)

      It’s too stressful to try to make everything at once. Spreading the work out over a couple of days is much easier.

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