Western Omelette Burger from OhioGuy313


Well, I called upon the Friday Football Foodie Readers for tailgating and living room-gating recipe suggestions and pictures and already a few of you have responded. Great work team! I love seeing what other people make for quality football snacking each weekend, because sometimes I get stuck in my own rut of making the same thing weekend after weekend. (Looking at you, pizza dip.)

First up, we have a trio of burgers from OhioGuy313.  The above Western Omelette Burger is described as, Peppers diced and mixed with meat, Mexican cheese blend, fried egg, salsa, on a sourdough English muffin.

If you have never tried putting your burger on an English muffin, I suggest you right this wrong immediately. You know how one the greatest things about English muffins is how they pool hot melted butter in their little doughy holes? Now imagine the same thing with moist burger drippings. Delicious. The fried egg makes it a perfect brunch burger to steel one’s stomach against whatever you’re drinking out of a red cup later.


Barbecue Bacon Blue Burger from Ohio Guy313


Sweet BBQ sauce mixed into meat, bacon, bleu cheese, and same sauce on top, all on white bun.

I barbecue sauce with bacon, as it brings out the smokiness in a grilled hamburger. Plus, anything with blue cheese is okay in my book. This would be a great burger for the times you’re grilling during the game.


Portland Turkey Burger from OhioGuy313


Turkey burger patties, Havarti cheese, “french fry” sized apple slices on top, on wheat bun.

Now, I don’t make turkey burgers very often, and when I do, it tends to be with either a blue cheese or a goat cheese mixed in the ground turkey, so I love the idea of Havarti cheese and crisp green apples on a honey wheat bun. It sounds like Fall on a bun. Next time I make burgers in the kitchen — I’ve found that turkey burgers do better on a hot grill pan rather than over an open flame, this is what I am making.

Turkey burgers are also a solid choice as football and the holidays start to overlap, and you need to make sure you don’t over do it each and every Sunday.


Miss Clare's Classic Hummus


Next up is are classic hummus tips from Clare. We make hummus pretty often around here, usually on a Saturday when we suddenly find ourselves watching more college ball than we had planned on, since it quick and easy.

Her advice for hummus:

This is a batch of hummus made with TWO 29-ounce cans of garbanzo beans. You might not think that hummus is tailgate food, but according to my dad’s pals, it is. In fact, they specifically requested that I make hummus for them for tomorrow’s Eagles-Redskins game. You too can make hummus so good that 60-year-old men who call themselves The Animals request it! The secret? Water!

After you process the garbanzos, garlic, salt, lemon juice, tahini, and extra virgin olive oil, the only way to achieve a smooth, velvety texture is to slowly stream in a dribble of water while the machine is running. It lightens and smooths out the hummus so it takes on a beautiful creamy consistency perfect for smearing on toasted pitas, carrot sticks, and tortilla chips.

Clare had posted this picture just as I editing my pictures for Roasted Garlic Hummus and Chipotle Black Bean Hummus, proving yet again that in tight spaces, former smart Ladies… think alike.


Seriously, so good.

Cotter and Kristin made the Buffalo Chicken Wontons


And as always, I love it when people share pictures after they’ve made one of the Friday Football Foodie recipes. The gorgeous looking Buffalo Chicken Wontons were made by Cotter from One For the Other Thumb and his better half, Kristin Brennan.

Perfection. (Frankly, they look better than mine!)


Illex's Classic Pizza Loaf


Illex made the original Friday Football Foodie recipe, Pizza Loaf.

I haven’t made my own pizza loaf in ages (as Bryan likes to remind me), but his loaf has me craving one in the worst way. Great recipe that is quick and easy on Sunday.


Eric's trip to Belize, which means tons of fresh fruit.


And finally, Eric from Storming the Floor shared a recipe for Chicken Chimole from his recent trip to Belize.

Why did I post the picture of his fruit salad instead? To remind us of what we’re supposed to be eating the rest of the week.

So what is everyone making this weekend?

You too can add your pictures to Football Foodies Flickr Group from last weekend, this weekend, or any other time you’ve had a great football snack (or have traveled to Belize).

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6 Responses to Friday Football Foodie Readers Submissions: Volume 1

  1. IJustMadeThatUp says:

    I feel it necessary to let all B&GT (and FFF) readers know that if you make a pizza loaf, at least 1/3 MUST be donated to our household. Feel free to get in touch for our FedEx address. That is all.

    Oh, and turkey burgers with apple slices? BRILLIANT.

  2. Illex says:

    It looks like Clare had to take a taste before she snapped the picture.

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