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Listen nerds, I’m only saying this once:

George Lucas told everyone he was converting STAR WARS for 3D projection all the way back in 2005. You’ve had five fucking years to get your panties out of a bunch and realize Lucas is not actually fucking your Gen X childhood, but is playing with his own films that guess what, kids who are currently kids now to enjoy.

Have you been around a child lately? They fucking love STAR WARS as much as you ever did. I don’t want to hear about your memories about saving Kenner points for a Greedo action figure and seeing the “Holiday Special” when it first aired. Kids now have “The Clone Wars” and Force Effects to get just as much fun out of the universe as you ever did when you were young.

Since you are a fully formed adult, you can decide if you go see the 3D films or not. It is your entertainment dollar to spend. But whining about their release? Even Jake Lloyd wasn’t as grating as you sound now.

(Also, ROTJ release in 2017? That gives me approximately 1-2 more years to have a child so I can take my own kid to see a STAR WARS film in the theater, which was something I always hoped I’d get a chance to do at some point in my life.)

In short; shut up nerds. You always know how to suck the life out of fun.

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