TSW HQ: Sunday Morning Gameday 9/12/10

This was the scene in our place last weekend; Steelers – Falcons on the big screen and Browns – Bucs on the small screen for our guests, with the blinds slightly closed because the sun bouncing off of white stucco is blinding in the morning. And since it was 10 AM PST, the best NFL kick-off time, breakfast was berry muffin tops, strawberries with balsamic vinegar with a touch of sugar, and coffee with Baileys or Mocha Kahlua. Why is 10am PST the best football kick-off time? Because it’s the time zone in which it is easiest to skip the pre-game coverage, aside of perhaps Hawaii.

(We had done the “heavy” football cooking for the weekend the night before while watching Penn State – Alabama. What a bust that game turned out to be. Fortunately we had screener of first few episodes of  “Bored to Death” to pick the party back up during the third quarter. Let’s face it, Zach Galifianakis trying to do yoga and a stoned Ted Danson is much funnier than an old man trying to keep his pants clean on the sideline.)

Anyway, I posted this picture on my Tumblr last week and was reminded of a question from Eric Angevine; can B&GT readers  send in pictures of what what they are making and eating for football games? Well, of course they can! When I first started the FFF back in Ladies…, people sent in all sorts of pictures of the pizza loaves they made, and I would love it now if we had a nice little gallery to share pictures and recipes. Doesn’t matter if it’s something I’ve posted or links back to a recipe on your own site, feel free to join the new Football Foodies group over on Flickr.  Share shots of your favorite bar food. Or “lucky” dips, dishes and desserts. Tailgating, living room-gating, or plain old ordering a pizza. I’m always looking for new ideas for something to serve on game days.

Thursday evening is usually when I plan for what I am going to make for the weekend and since you may not have pictures of what you’ve made recently (or maybe you do, so go post them!), let me know what you’re making this weekend and what games you’re watching down in the comments.

What games are you watching this weekend? I’m watching Steelers-Titans, Colts-Giants, and Pats-Jets. Probably Arkansas-Georgia on Saturday morning before I run errands. Big test for Dixon in Week 2, and even though the Steelers beat Tennessee in the playoffs a couple of years ago (feels like a lifetime ago now) and at last season’s grudge match, I get nervous every time we play the Titans. Indy-New York has the possibility of double — if not triple when you included Manning the Elder — Manning Faces, so there’s that.  Pats-Jets just happens to be the best of the afternoon games.

EDIT – Of course a quick email from Mike Tunsion would show up after this post went up.  “Steelers have never beaten the Titans in the playoffs. They lost to them in ’02. Unless you’re counting that as a win because of the BS Dwayne Washington running into the kicker thing.”

Of course I don’t count that game. The score board said the Steelers had more time outs remaining, and the ref totally screwed Cowher and the team on the kick off that counted. But here is the story about why that loss never sticks in my memory.

I had just moved into a new apartment the month before and plasma televisions were finally becoming more affordable. I had made a deal with my good friend Corey, who could care a lick about football but loved big TVs; if the Steelers went to the Super Bowl, I would buy a plasma TV. So of course, the first week of the playoffs, when the Steelers won over the Browns, he called me 30 seconds after the game to ask, “WHEN DO WE GO TV SHOPPING?”

“Corey, there’s still more games to win before the Super Bowl.”

Dejected, “Oh, really? How long does this thing go on for?”

Next week comes, and Corey’s ready. He’s been scouting deals at Best Buy, Fry’s and Circuit City. He’s even bothered to learn what other teams are playing. The Steelers are going to win and he’ll be one step closer to a giant TV to watch at my place.

Tie game, heading to overtime. My phone rings, “They’re going to win. You know they’re going to win and we can go TV shopping.”

Kicks. Icings. Missed kicks. Penalties. Kicks. Game over.

“Now, you know I hate football, but I think you guys really won it. I mean, even I saw that the scoreboard showed more time outs. You should think of this as a win. The Steelers really didn’t lose, they got screwed by the refs. And I don’t think the referees should keep from buying a new big screen TV.”

“But they’re not going to the Super Bowl, Corey. That was the deal.”

“That’s not your team’s fault! They should be going to the Super Bowl! The Steelers should be in the Super Bowl and you should be getting a new TV! Don’t let some idiot’s mistake deprave you of a new television. Your team didn’t lose!”

They say the devil and temptation comes in many forms, and here was one of my best friends telling over and over again that my team had indeed not lost, and that it was okay to go ahead and buy the bigger TV. Just so he could probably watch something like LORD OF THE RINGS or “Buffy” on a TV bigger than his own. But when you are weak and upset, this type of logic works.

I bought a medium sized TV and have forever believed the Steelers never lost that game.

What are you making this weekend? Not sure yet to be honest, but I am obsessed with this new site I found, Jello Shot Test Kitchen. I might make one of their recipes or come up with a Jello shot on my own. Maybe a mint julep shot? Does that sound interesting?

Anything else going on this weekend? Busy weekend. Checking out EASY A and CATFISH tomorrow, Saturday night is what all LA hipsters and film geeks do; get drunk and watch obscure ’70s exploitation films with a few dozen friends, and Sunday is well… Football.  And oh, watching all these Jagruber videos. (Via PSAMP)

What what are you guys up to?

UPDATE – Have no fear, I’m working on the template of the site to the pictures from the Football Foodie Flickr group on the site. Still trial and error, since I am just one person with little knowledge of CSS, but you already knew that from looking at the site.

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9 Responses to Thursday Evening Football Foodie: What are you making this weekend?

  1. Peterrobjon says:

    Mint Julep jello sounds good. Veeeery good.

  2. mlebowski313 says:

    No pictures, this time around, but I do want to share two of my burger recipes with you. They’re both so good, you don’t need ketchup, mustard, or mayo for either of them!

    First, “Barbecue Bacon Bleu Cheeseburgers”….exactly what it sounds like. Get a good bottle of sweet barbecue sauce, mix ~8 oz per pound in with the ground beef, make into patties. Grill the burgers, put some crumbled bleu cheese on top until it just starts to melt, add a slice of bacon and a dash of the BBQ sauce on the top.

    Second, the “Western Omelet Burger” – dice some red and green peppers(and some ancho chilies, if you want it even hotter), mix them in with the ground beef to taste, grill the burgers, then shred and melt a mix of cheddar, monterey jack, and asadero on top of the burger, topping it with a fried egg and some salsa. For best results, a thick sourdough toast is better than a bun.

    • Goodness. Please tell me you’re taking pictures next time you make either one of those burgers. I’m not a big fried egg person, but on top of a burger with hot peppers sounds awesome. Maybe we should have a “your best tailgating burger” group post?

  3. DougOLis says:

    For jello shots, I highly recommend this Gin & Tonic Jelly. I made it a couple of months back with some candied limes and it was a huge hit.

    Probably going to start making this martini sorbet w/ olive caviar tonight:

  4. Illex says:

    We’re going to beerfest on Saturday night, so we’re gonna make a pizza roll to soak up the hangover.

    • You know, I haven’t made a pizza loaf in an age. I have a new pizza idea I want to try to make soon, but if I don’t get to it this weekend I may just have to make a pizza loaf.

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