Yes, really!

Attention Football Foodie Fans: Black and Gold Tchotchkes is hosting both NFL and CFB Pick’em Leagues this season!

The winner in each league will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card* to purchase kitchen gadgets, an Officially Licensed NFL Mr. Potato Head, and whatever else you feel you have earned after a hard season of randomly picking teams you know nothing about to win games decided by out of shape old men in striped shirts.

Straight-up pick’em, no spread or confidence points and all games will count. (Leagues that drop your lowest scoring weeks are for wussies!) The NFL league will continue through the playoffs and CFB league will consist of the Yahoo! selected “20 interesting games of the week” throughout the season.

Deadline to pick is five minutes before each kickoff.

NFL Pick’em League – Group ID #31848 Password: pizzaloaf

NCAA Pick’em League – Group ID #14189 Password: pizzaloaf

May the best football foodie win (or at least finish in the top 5)!

*I briefly considered awarding homemade Buffalo Pierogies and sent out on dried ice, but then I realized it would be weird to mail food to internet strangers.

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6 Responses to Announcing the Friday Football Foodie Pick'Em Leagues

  1. Clare says:

    Pizza loaf!

  2. SA says:

    I still haven’t made the pizza loaf. I think I will this upcoming season sometime.

  3. MrsDobie says:

    Which is more weird… sending food to internet strangers… or the fact that I’d totally eat it. ***weird internet stranger vibe***

  4. NDEddieMac says:

    Buffalo Pierogies to internet strangers actually sounds like an amazing idea. Looking forward to the pools and FFF starting back up!

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