Driving through the Southern-ish states on the way east, we had gravy at three different meals.

I’ve had Primanti’s (half a sandwich and 1/3 of an order of cheese fries), a few bites of a real Italian hoagie, Potato Patch cheese fries/1 fried Oreo/1/2 of a corn dog at Kennywood, Penn Dark Beers, four gin and tonics, Yuenglings, pierogies with a vat of sour cream/Manny’s BBQ/chicken nachos with cheese at PNC Park, tri-tip, chicken fingers and the fruit salsas I always make.

So far, I’ve only gained 1.5 lbs. Either crash dieting before the trip was the best idea ever or the scale at my father’s house is broken.

(Oh yeah, and a TastyKake Chocolate Eclair flavored “cappuccino” at Sheetz.)

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