And which team does the Psychic Admiral Calamari choose to win the real World Cup?

Well, while there were many surprising results throughout The Football Foodie World Cup — Switzerland’s fondue? — it seemed to be destiny that the United States’ hamburger would face Uruguay’s chivito in the Finals.

It's a trap!*

Not to say it wasn’t close. The US barely beat out Italy’s pizza in the Semi-finals and the Netherland’s gouda made a rather good run at the chivito, the former coming down to just a handful of votes in the final hours.

So which is the perfect football food? Time for you to decide.

As always, stuffing the ballot box (well, every six hours when the cookies reset) is encouraged, as well as sharing with your friends, family and foes alike to make sure your favorite cuisine wins.

Voting ends at midnight, July 11th!

Lots of meat vs lots of meat

Both have beef. Both have bacon. Both have cheese. Both can be topped in any manner of fashion.

But which is the most perfect football food?

A battle for third, cheesy style.

There’s honor in playing for third place.  Part of me wishes that the NFL would do away with the ProBowl and instead have the AFC and NFC runner-ups play for third place the weekend before the Super Bowl.  (Actually, now that I’ve typed out that thought, all of me wishes the NFL played for third place.)

King of the brackets!

*Yes, I know calamari are made from squid and not octopus. But why let facts get in the way of a good joke?

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