Today in The Music of New Coke, The Go-Go’s “Head Over Heels” from their 1984 album Talk Show.

May of 1985 saw the break up of the first band I remember ever seeing in concert, (at the Civic Arena, of course!), The Go-Go’s.  I was young and they seemed like fun and boy, doesn’t everyone want to be a rock star when they grow up? And even though our seats were high up off the floor, (won by being the tenth caller to get through to the B-94 request line!), to this day I can remember the gray, extra-long sweatshirt / sweater thing Belinda Carlisle wore, knotted just under her butt and swirling around her as she danced along to every song.

Man, I thought they were cool.  And once I got older, I thought they were even cooler for secretly being party girls who hung out with John Belushi.

Way too cool for New Coke.

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