Unfortunately most Olympic hockey broadcasts in the US have been relegated to the backwaters of MSNBC and CNBC, channels I tend to avoid because I have little to no interest in the content they peddle the most; yelling and poor investment advice.

Because of this, I’ve been repeatedly exposed to promos for CNBC’s special on Baby Boomers, “Tom Brokaw Reports, Boomer$!”, which if taken at face value, appears to co-opt several Gen-X icons and inventions as being a large part of their ‘60’s-‘10’s (since the clip ends on Obama) reign.

Sorry Boomer$ — I’m assuming the “$” is for the Social Security money pissed away under your stewardship and the oppressive tax burden you are passing on to subsequent generations — you do not get to claim all the cool things that happened over the past forty years.

Just as a reminder:

Google: Founded by two members of Generation X, Sergey Brin (1973) and Larry Page (1973).

YouTube: Founded by three Gen-Xer’s, Chad Hurley (1976), Steve Chen (1978), and Jawed Karim (1979, practically a Gen Y/Millennial).

Not a baby boomer

Kurt Cobain, (1967)

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