Poor Ms. Duff was caught pleasing her husband-to-be right after he proposed to her. (Link NSFW.)

But let us not look at this incident as something embarrassing for Ms. Duff. Let’s seize the opportunity to finally rid ourselves of one the most ridiculous of sexual phrases — “blow job” — and replace it with a pretty and wonderful word, “duffing”.

Watch how well it works in a casual conversational setting like Twitter.

This was Texy’s Tweet earlier in the day. I missed it and the link that was the impetuous for her comment while searching for Alpine ski results.

Fast-forward a couple of hours to me finally seeing the link and feeling bad for Ms. Duff.

Of course, this is a great idea.

Lofty praise, as I love the word “douchecake” so much.

See how much nicer duffing sounds? Duffing warmly rolls off the tongue while blow job and BJ cause all sorts of facial movement causing the speaker to feel awkward and stilted.

A duff is sensual, jobs are work.  A duff is an absolute expression of desire.

And yes, as my husband reminded me, I duffed him the night he proposed to me.

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