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Of course you have a plan for Sunday, right? Riiiggghttt?  RIGHT?!?!?!? PUT DOWN THAT DOMINO’S FLYER RIGHT NOW. “Improved our pizzas.”  Domino’s is being honest and telling you they’ve been selling you sub-par pizza for decades and now you want to go back to them?   What an incredibly abusive mega-corporation-consumer relationship. (And who wants to be considered a “consumer” when it comes to food?  Makes their pizza sound like rabbit pellets for the masses. Gross.)

If you don’t have your plan in place yet, let ghosts of Friday Football Foodies past to get you back on track.  Main dishes to go with the (somewhat) healthier appetizers that have been featuring for the past 12 days.

RIP Gourmet Magazine

Ham & Cheese Pretzel Bites with Beer Floats. Yes, you can make beer floats.

You know, the camera I had three years ago took much better photos. Boy isn't that just a kick in the pants.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

As the beautiful and wise Holly Anderson pointed out today on Every Day Should Be Saturday,

This post is now over two years old and it’s the one I always direct people towards when they’re looking for a tailgate recipe that’s basically an affront against God.

It’s exactly what it sounds like: You mix up a batch of shredded buffalo chicken, cover it all in cheese, bake it, then top with STILL MORE CHEESE. This concoction could not be more perfect if it were made from rendered baby panda fat.

I am so making this with baby panda fat the next time I make this.

Stuff on toast.

Crostini and Balalaikas Sage, butter, mozzarella, and prosciutto.  Best snacks ever.

The post that started it all. Make one casual mention of something called a "Pizza Loaf" in a baseball piece and suddenly you're writing food and sports articles. 76 comments. With the rise of Twitter and Tumblr, when does that happen anymore?

Pizza Loaf and Watermelon Slushies. No other words needed.

Why did the magical lucky dish have to be one with 10,000 calories a serving? Good for the Steelers, bad for my behind.

Yes, it’s another pizza recipe, but Hot Pizza Dip was the “good luck” football food that helped get the Steelers to Super Bowl XLIII.  Now you have two ways you can have pizza, without really making pizza.

I could go on and on posting these links, but I’m already way behind today.  If you would like more suggestions, please follow the “Football Foodie” and “Eat veggies and fruit the rest of the week” tags for even more recipes.

Or make my favorite, 9-Layer Ranchero Dip.

Behind on the 14 Days of Super Bowl Recipes?  Browse below!  And don’t forget to vote in Battle New Orleans vs Indianapolis Cuisine!

[rockyou id=156462065&w=600&h=200]

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