Not pictured – The Super Shot of “fresh water blue-green algae, wheatgrass, ginger, lemon, chlorophyll, and cayenne pepper” that replaced my morning coffee.

Highlights of Day 1 –

  • Having a schedule of what to eat and when.
  • Love watermelon.
  • The pesto and sun-dried tomato “pasta” with a salad.
  • The Caesar salad for dinner.
  • See that little white cup? That is some sort of flan made out of I think cashew.  It was excellent, and the best thing I had all day.

Lowlights of Day 1 –

  • It was about 100 degrees here in LA today, and I just didn’t have the energy or desire to eat so much food. I didn’t finish anything except the flan.  (Even on a normal day I could not eat that much food.)
  • The juices and blends.  I was already full most of the time and couldn’t manage to drink much of any of the three.  (Especially the thick “Green Drink” which has been championed by Dr. Oz on Oprah.) Plus, I’d being lying to say I didn’t struggle with the taste.
  • Small caffeine-withdrawal headache.
  • That Super Shot… If I hadn’t pounded it right there in the shop there was no way I would have choked it down on my own.   And it was hot hot hot hot hot.

Not sure how I did on Day 1, but I didn’t eat anything that wasn’t in the cooler they gave me.  That has to count for something? Considering that Starterboyfriend had chips and salsa, cereal, and some other junk.  (Including Cheez Whiz.)

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2 Responses to Raw Food Cleanse – Day 1

  1. IJustMadeThatUp says:

    Hey! I would like to make an amendment to that last statement. In fact, that “junk” was my experiment in cleaning out the refrigerator and save on buying too much more food that would just spoil. (Plus, I would feel kind of bad eating Taco Bell in front of TSW while she chokes down another bottle of Twig ‘N Dirt cocktail.)

  2. Chief Wahoo says:

    When does Primanti’s start offering this menu?

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