The Post-Gazette certainly knows how to play to the hometown fans, and I’m not talking about moneybags Matt Morris.

Welcome back Chuck Tanner!  Maybe you can talk…

…Kent Tekulve into taking the mound.

No, not you Matt Morris.

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0 Responses to Maybe the old guys can play instead.

  1. Tuffy says:

    “Hey, Matt! The Giants want to give you $27m over three years with a $9m club option in 2009. Do you want that?”

    “No thanks, Barry; I know I’ll be traded to the Pirates in 18 months in a ridiculous deal and I know how much that will irritate TheStarterWife. I was thinking I would work on my real estate exam instead.”

    “Good call, Matt. Please hold still while I beat you with my Big Tilde mini-bat.”

    “Can do.”

  2. Ray says:

    All the first picture makes me think of is Cartman and Michael Jackson in Stan’s dream.

    MJ: Yeah?
    C: Yeah. (inches closer)
    MJ: Yeah?
    C: Yeah. (inches closer)

  3. Heh. Chuck Tanner hasn’t seen a cartoon since Steamboat Willie.

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