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more tummy fat

ROMO! I don’t even know what to say to you now that you’ve been linked to Jessica Simpson. Carrie Underwood, great. Britney Spears, nothing happened. Other random starlet, fine. Jessica Simpson is about fifteen types of crazy before you start hanging with her wacko stage father, who apparently you spent Thanksgiving with.


I’m starting to feel bad for Peyton, and I don’t even know why. Maybe it is his 3-8 Ladies Stand By Your Man record.

Ah Kitna. You sure that you don’t have to go to hell? What do you call playing for the Lions? Limbo?

Favre seems to be playing with the help of a higher power.

Maybe when I feel bad for Peyton, I’m really thinking of Eli. Projecting?

Everyone else might be complaining about MNF, but really, how many times can you watch a game and know that history is being made – for better or worse? Spent the night laughing and joking… and still won. Does not get any better than that as a fan.

Brees looks like he’s running to a buffet or to grab the last copy Mario Galaxy.


Andrea’s ThreatLevelMidnight 119.60 Tony Romo 15.50
TheStarterWife 160.40 Ben Roethlisberger 7.70

Clares’s Speckhosen 158.06 Jon Kitna 12.86
Texas Gal’s The Real (Colt)McCoy 111.74 Brett Favre 25.14

SA’s Woodson over Manning 131.60 Tom Brady 20.80
Metschick’s (De)Jesus’ Homies 77.32 Eli Manning 10.92

GordonShumway’s Angelina Ate My Baby 121.90 Drew Brees 28.20
Holly’s JimBobCooterGaveMe6 206.08 Peyton Manning 21.88

Tom Brady 11-0
Matt Hasselbeck 1-0

2.Texas Gal
Vince Young 2-1
Brett Favre 6-3

Marc Bulger 1-2
Tony Romo 6-3

Drew Brees 5-7
Jake Delhomme 0-0

Ben Roethlisberger 5-6
Carson Palmer 0-1

6. Clare
Rex Grossman 0-1
Jon Kitna 4-6
Matt Schaub 0-1

Peyton Manning 3-8
David Carr 0-0
Donovan McNabb 1-0

Philip Rivers 3-6
Alex Smith 0-0
Eli Manning 0-3

Division 1
2. TheStarterWife 8-4-0 .667 1605.60
4. ThreatLevelMidnight 8-4-0 .667 1686.20
5. Woodson over Manning 7-5-0 .583 1895.68
8. (De)Jesus’ Homies 1-11-0 .083 1124.34

Division 2
1. Speckhosen 9-3-0 .750 1701.18
3. JimBobCooterGaveMe6 8-4-0 .667 1894.66
6. The Real (Colt)McCoy 6-6-0 .500 1523.42
7. Angelina Ate My Baby 1-11-0 .083 1211.18

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13 Responses to Stand By Your Man – Fantasy QB Results: Week 12

  1. metschick says:

    Of course. Another sound stomping.


  2. You have crabby Manning. I am sorry.

    I hope you beat up your b/f for saying you should pick Alex Smith in the first round.

  3. Texas Gal says:

    Favre’s higher power = Texas Gal //delusions of grandeur

    I got KICKED this week, team-wise. Thank goodness for my QBs.

  4. DougOLis says:

    I applaud Tony Romo and his belly fat because it makes me feel like I too could be a NFL QB1 and bang Carrie Underwood. The breakup might be tied to said belly fat though.

  5. SA says:

    Even when he’s not at his best, Brady still brings puts up good number.

    How I love him.

  6. metschick says:

    I hope you beat up your b/f for saying you should pick Alex Smith in the first round.

    the sad thing is that the b/f didn’t say I should pick AS. He looked happy that I made that choice with him in mind, but he did laugh when I said I picked AS.

  7. Holly says:

    God, I don’t even have points leader to be proud of anymore.

  8. Oh please. By 1.02 points are you in second. One less Manning sack and…

  9. ladyandrea says:

    Man, I was on such a roll and then this week I just got taken out behind the woodshed by TSW.

    Now I have to face SA and her TD-machine Brady. Gah.

  10. Holly says:

    Poor Peyton. I mean, he can’t block for himself. Or pass to himself. Or…*entitled sniffling*

  11. DougOLis says:

    I say “what a lazy ass” to that.

  12. Texas Gal says:

    I think naming my team after Colt McCoy was my fatal mistake.

  13. bristlesage says:

    Drew would be right to run for that copy of Super Mario Galaxy, due to its pretty much total awesomeness.

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