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Do we have any Canadian readers? If so, can they please start drinking all the Pepsi and Gatorade they can safely consume without getting bloated, and maybe get a bag or two of Doritos and enter the “Game On! With Sidney Crosby” Canadian-only contest on behalf of the Ladies? You know, just in case you win one of four Sidney Crosby Experiences which includes a trip and tickets to a game and a meet and greet with Sid himself? And say, if you wanted a cool American friend to come up and visit that week you go on the trip that’d be okay with me. Maybe a Penguins-loving Los Angeles friend who could um, you know, hang out and hold the camera while you pose with Sidney? You know, maybe we should both get into the shot, that might look better. A Sid sandwich. Oh Sidney, of course you can take of that sweaty jersey, we don’t mind! We want you to be comfortable! Let us help you with that strap…

So um, yeah. You Canadians need to get on the ball and win this for all of us.

Still-borderline-hottie Jason Giambi hit a grand slam in last night’s 9-2 Yankee win over the Blue Jays, giving the Yankees their sixth straight W and keeping them 4 games ahead of the Tigers in the AL Wild Card race.

Meanwhile, the NL Central stayed tight as babe-olicious Brewer Corey Hart and Price Fielder each homered in Milwaukee’s 6-1 victory over the Pirates. The win coupled with the Cubs 11th-inning loss to the Astros gives the Brewers sole possession of first place in the division with just two and half weeks to go in the regular season.

Only one week into the NFL season and already the city of Cleveland is ready to set downtown Lake Erie on fire with their demands for QB Brady Quinn to start as soon as possible. The Dogpounders are one step closer to their dreams happening sooner rather than later now that Charlie Frye has been traded to Seattle and Quinn being named the back-up for this weeks game against the Bengals. Wonder if he regrets missing much of training camp with contract demands now?

H&R Links of the Day –
College football fans often scare the shit out of me with their cult-like ways. (Really, the Scientology Celebrity Centre right down the hill from my place seems less threatening than a stadium full of rabid Big Ten fans.) But if I was going to join a cult of Iowa fans, you could not ask for a better leader than JebusHChrist over at Black Heart Gold Pants, who says, PS I Hate You.

The Head Chic in Charge over at Leave the Man Alone gives us the Fashion Round Up for Week 1 of the NFL Season, and dares to ask; Who looks more like an Orange Roundie, Donovan McNabb or Bonnie Bernstein? (Bonnie of course, because that leather/pleather jacket was totally fug on camera.)

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23 Responses to Wednesday Hit and Run – Calling all Canadians! Brady Quinn is #2! Yankee Grandslam! Links of the Day!

  1. jenny says:

    blast and damnnit to hell!!! why is this contest only open to freaking Canadians? they get all the good hockey stuff – I mean Sid PLAYS here, why can’t we enter this?

    btw – LOVE your site – more hockey please.

  2. Kelley says:

    Daryl Johnston is a hot old guy, but the pink stripes and purplish tie threw me off. Football + Ezekiel = Scary.

  3. Janalee says:

    Drink Pepsi, enter contest. Done and Done.

  4. Clare says:

    For a second I thought, “Why do we have a photo of Chris Evans with a Sidney Crosby story.” God, he is just the cutest.

    Brady Quinn DOES have terrible handwriting.

  5. Metschick says:

    I see: NO ONE in the central wants to win the division.

  6. Pam/ZPS says:

    TSW the “experience” you’re thinking of probably isn’t included in those 4 Sidney experiences

  7. Jenny – More hockey is coming. Only so much you can do while they train.

    Janalee – Thanks. SO annoying that contest in Canada only, when he is wearing an American uni.

    Clare – What is great is that Quinn looks so peeved in that photo, that he actually had to take that photo in the first place.

    Pam – Hushy.

  8. DougOLis says:

    TO’s shoulders slope really far; I do like the cream v-neck with brown shirt and tie though.

    Tom Brady looks like an 70s quarterback; I dig it. Actually his hair looks kind of like mine with a slight more comb over. I’m getting a haircut today; maybe I’ll go more for that.

    I’m surprised Deion didn’t rock just the vest like Irvin, especially with vests being in style right now.

    Donovan makes we want to puke, but Bonnie Bernstein looks hideous. Especially with her hair matching the jacket.

    I don’t get the date on Chad Johnson’s jacket. Shouldn’t it be like 21?? or 22??

    I’m not sure about the pocket square, but Daryl Johnston’s suit rocks.

  9. Doug – I thought that picture of TO was awesome. He’s a stylish MF.

  10. Texas Gal says:

    T.O. and Keyshawn looked awesome- and I have to say I actually kind of liked what Stu Scott was wearing, too. I know, kill me now.

  11. KCMichelle says:

    Can we get any of that Canadian Pepsi somewhere on the interwebs bec. Sid is my hockey boyfriend?!

  12. KCMichelle – You know, I have no idea. Where I work has a Canadian outpost, maybe I can talk someone from up there to send some down.

  13. thistlewarrior says:

    Chad’s not about the math. Maybe we can get that Ivy leaguer Fitzpatrick we just picked up to tudor him.

  14. DougOLis says:

    I now realize how much of a moron I am with Chad Johnson’s jacket. I’ll now set myself on fire.

  15. SA says:

    Why did Bonnie wear that? She should know better.

    Dare I say it: Nolan > Tomlin

  16. *crosses SA off Christmas card list*

  17. SA says:

    Only because of the suit TSW. If (when?) we see Tomlin in a suit, then we can re-evaluate.

  18. *adds SA back to list, but in pencil*

  19. thistlewarrior says:

    Tutor, not Tudor! Damn, maybe I should get him to teach me too! :)

  20. Tuffy says:

    Brewers are not babe-o-anything. Brewers are despicable and thoughtless and their cheese squeaks.


  21. Tuffy – Eep!

    *meekly* sorry

  22. IJustMadeThatUp says:

    Aww… Brady actually kind of looks sad that he doesn’t have a MySpace page. I saw all the Ladies… get together and create The Unofficial Official Brady Quinn “Now I Have One!” MySpace Page. You can friend him with all the cool bands, like Poison and RATT and Fall Out Boy.


  23. KCMichelle says:

    Starter Wife, thanks anyway – I checked the site, looks like you have to have a Canadian address. Curses!

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