Previously on Ladies…

Opening scoring drive of the meaningless Hall of Fame game, and you had the boys in top form.

You smiled when they got over excited and got called for Unnecessary Roughness.

Good lord did it look like they were playing the third pre-season game and not the first.

And this one… Well. You cannot help by smile and say, “Welcome back sailor.”

Now you stay healthy Ben, because we’re still out of band-aids.

(And let’s ignore that Tomlin’s shirt is tucked into his pants.)

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13 Responses to I would follow you to the ends of the earth

  1. PSUgirl says:

    Only caught the last quarter or so of the game (long, pathetic story) – So I didn’t get to really see any (albeit preseason) football – but I did catch Collinsworth’s lame “Wyche hung me out to dry” tale (although the “you wanna hear a story” lead-in was a little hilarious).

    Bryant sounded sedated – and looked like he’d had a peel.

    (see – i’m ignoring the tucked in shirt – don’t love the ball cap either)

  2. Did you happen to catch their discussion about Vick? It was insane.

  3. Clare says:

    Call me when he shoves the play card into the front of his pants. Hummina.

  4. Becky says:

    That man has some fine facial hair grooming skills. Though I concur with the tucked in shirt, kinda dorky.

  5. Moonshine Mike says:

    the shirt has bad form. But he doesnt’ care – he’s the coach, he’s happily married, and he’s coaching the steelers, and he has our undying love. The End.

  6. chasevidwrightley says:

    I know I’m on the wrong side of the state, but man if I don’t like the Steelers.

    I’m not much of a football fan, but watching highlights from the HOF game, I kinda got that itch to start watching and learning about it. So we’ll see. I might need your help, Ladies…

  7. Roy Hobbs says:

    I’m feeling especially irrational this morning, but damn, that was a good way to start the year.

    And the Vick conversation was particularly weird. The good thing is that the powers that be are actually letting the announcers talk about this stuff, apparently without guidance from above.

  8. Chasevidwrightley – I know I link to this all the time, but really, you should read Mondesi’s House’s 50 Reasons Why I Love the Steelers.

    Just start watching the games. You’ll know the game inside and out before you know it.

  9. lovethenumber7 says:

    Woah… I like the new coach! I’m a die-hard Steelers fan and I like the “looks” of this one! Although my <3 still belongs to Big Ben- but that photo above makes him look a bit goofy!

  10. That picture is now my background. Tomlin may not be quite up to par but , damn, is Ben looking good. I’ve missed my boys.

  11. Radioman says:

    Okay, I am definitely not a fashion maven, but what is wrong with the shirt tucked into the pants? The guy is the head coach of an NFL franchise, at his job. I would not expect the AD of my school to come into work with some slacks and his dress shirt untucked. I think that would be unprofessional. Hey, at least he isn’t wearing the homeless scissored-armed hoodie look of Bill Belichick.

  12. Tuffy says:

    Tickle Me Tomlin?

  13. Generally one does not tuck a shirt like that into track pants. (And the waist band is a little high.) But, he’s still smoking hot so I will forgive this outfit.

    Tuffy – HA! Now if I could only tickle…

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