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TheStarterWife’s new ‘Squee!’“Pirates 15-1. Brag while you can.”

TheStarterWife“I saw. I will.”

Andrea“Hey, the H&R won’t go up tomorrow til around 1 pm eastern. Is that okay?”

TheStarterWife“No worries. I’d be slow and depressed if my team just got smacked around by the Buccos too.”


Andrea “Woman… are cruisin’ for a bruisin’……”

We’ll try go get you more hotties later in the day. These “real jobs” are totally getting in the way of our stalking blogging.

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12 Responses to Thursday Hit and Run – Rain Delay – Notes from IM and Email

  1. Holly says:

    *sigh* Time to settle this in the octagon.

    With a tickle fight.

  2. I don’t know how we didn’t have a SQUEE tag until now.

  3. TheStarterBoyfriend says:

    Do you really need an octagon for a tickel fight? Couldn’t you just do it “Vick” style and put up some greasy cardboard boxes?

    Or maybe a kiddie pool full of J-ello?

  4. I vote for the Jello tickle fight.

  5. a serious deficit in your otherwise fabulous site: no Rich Harden love?!

  6. I don’t think we’ve done the A’s preview yet. Have we?

    If you have a hottie to suggest or you think we’ve ignored – we love readers submissions, (that have nothing to do with tickling or Jello), at

  7. Hizzah. Pirates win in the bottom of the 11th just now.

    (Now I am REALLY going to get beat later.)

  8. Peter Cavan says:

    I’m having a shitty day and my boss knows it, so he called me to let me know the Pirates won. It doesn’t make up for all the crap today, but it does soothe the pain a little.

  9. ladyandrea says:

    TSW, I’m just going to sit quietly and weep.

    The Mets and Phils are, however, helping us out. We will sweep the Nats this weekend! I will be in town to send my good mojo the Cards’ way.


  10. Jennifer says:

    I’m newish, (and I lurrrrrrve you gals!) so maybe this is before my time, but how about some love for Mark DeRosa? That’s a boy who knows how to rock the bacon pants.

    I was gonna throw Noah’s name out there, but huzzahs for beating me to the punch.

  11. Mels says:

    I have the obious, chase utley, barry zito, pat the bat

  12. Disco Stu says:

    Pirates pwnd Cards? Well, it’s not the first time.

    Ahem. Andy van Slyke trade. (I think. He could have exchanged toaste ravioli for pierogi as a free-agent.) That OF in PGH was bad-ass, in the Leyland era. Bonds-Van Slyke-Bonilla. (Was Bobby B an outfielder, though? Might be misrecollecting.) Ah, so long ago…

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