*(The brackets will be shuffled to reflect correct order of match-ups next round. You try putting together 88 entries. Any complaints and we will rig the voting faster than the De La Hoya-Mayweather fight.)
Voting ends Wednesday June 13 11 PM PST. (Or whatever time I get home from Datarock. – TSW)
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91 Responses to Hot Blogger Bracket – National League West – Round 2

  1. Holly says:

    Oh, man. This one’s gonna be a bloodbath. A sexy bloodbath.

    (What? They have those.)

  2. Round One –
    #1 Will Leitch – 71% (1138 votes)

    #12 Matt Jones – KentuckySportsBlog 65% (1521 votes)

    Ouch. Somebody better alert the Gawker Media Overlord one of their own might go down…

  3. becky says:

    clearly will should have submitted a photo showing off his new gunz and non-emo haircut
    cuz he got like…way hot! like omg!

    /geeky fangirl

  4. Out of all the fanbases of American, only one can stand toe-to-toe with the might of the Deadspin readerbase: The Big Blue Nation.

    All it takes is one little “hey, check out this vote” page on Deadspin and Will should get 5000+ votes in an hour. I think BBN could probably muster up around that, given several days of voting.

    Ultimately, this is Will’s match to lose.

  5. awfulannouncing says:

    Does it make me a bad person for voting against the people I think I can beat in future rounds were I to advance?

  6. Tomlin Rocks says:

    This is like Villanova over Georegtown in 1985. We all know where that ganme was played don’t we…

  7. awfulannouncing says:

    388-68 Kentucky…..hmm, methinks this contest is over.

  8. Anonymous says:

    i am voting for matt jones and ky sportsradio

  9. John says:

    Kentucky fan will rise up and smite deadspin. go cats!

  10. PrinceUK21 says:

    this should have never been called a contest to begin with. never ask the big blue nation to vote on something UK related and expect anything other than victory from them. in fact, just hand matt jones and KSR the friggin title.

  11. One of Millions says:

    KSR and BBN taking it to the house.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Matt may be ugly, like, REALY ugly, but we’re UK. We are like the elderly, we come out in droves for the vote. Deadspin readers are too cool to vote.

  13. Bluegrass says:

    I hope this is annual so we can start another collection of banners…

  14. Matt J says:

    It makes me smile that one of my voters spelled “really” wrong….and I think I am quite handsome actually……

    But I am not in Will’s league… least as that picture portrays him

  15. Holly says:

    Speaking as a Tennessee girl, born and raised…I have never feared Kentucky like I do right now. Well played, Mister Jones.

  16. Disgruntled Goat says:

    Kentuckyians! Thousands of them!

    I suggest everyone heads for the hills. This could get ugly.

  17. Matt J says:

    Tennessee girl eh Holly? What do blue and orange combined make….wanna find out?

    That could not have been lamer, but it made me smile

  18. Chris Tomlin's aftershave says:

    This is a bloodbath.

  19. Isn’t Goldfish Cowboy from Kentucky?

  20. shorty1321 says:

    Sh*t…AA? I love that site…why me? abrupt cut to black ala last night Sopranos episode…

  21. Holly says:

    All right, that was funny.

    I can neither confirm nor deny. But GoldfishCowboy is All Vol. Take that as you will.

  22. Extra P. says:

    Speaking from a male perspective, Kill Bill vol 1/2 was a sexy bloodbath, so it’s certainly possible.

  23. KYGRL69 says:

    We used to love Dick…But now we only love MATT!!

  24. Extra P. says:

    Ha ha, I bet they do.

  25. Will made a slight reference to the contest. Why didn’t he explicitly call down the commenter thunder? Is he trying to compete with grace or is he choking under the pressure? I thought only Kansas fans lose in the second round of competitions, not the Illini.

  26. awfulannouncing says:

    BURN! TFGM with the buuuuuuuurn.

  27. socalgal says:

    I grew up in TN too, but I bleed blue!!!! Don’t worry there are several different styles of “kentucky girls love dick” t-shirts available on the UK campus…

  28. ladyandrea says:

    I would be very, very surprised if Will calls down the thunder on DS.

  29. PrinceUK21 says:

    it matters not. matt has borrowed some of rob’s hair gel for the next round. this one is in the bag people

  30. Burnsy says:

    Too bad Big Blue Nation can’t vote for a national championship.

  31. Nicely played, Prince.

    Prince refers to Rob Gidel, Matt’s partner in crime. You can see Rob on the 1570AM The Zone web site; he’s on the far right.

  32. Robey says:

    I vote for dynasty defenders.

  33. JP says:

    I have zero personal interest in the 1 vs 12 matchup, but this just doesn’t feel right.

  34. PrinceUK21 says:

    Burnsy, I’ll leave the 7 national titles to speak for themselves.

    As for MJ, he’s a very strong 12 seed and he’s showing it.

  35. Gah. Im losing to a stretched out Baba Booey. Wtf

  36. Burnsy says:

    Living in the past is always fun. Hey, at least I like Wildcats better than Gators.

  37. JP says:

    Be careful, Burnsy. They may unleash the wrath of their massive bluegrass army against you.

  38. crackbaby says:

    If all 75 of us morons who listen to the MOB vote enough maybe we can get Matt to the next round. Of course, how much does it matter when he struggles to get girls when he’s with UK basketball players. Come on.

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  40. Chris Tomlin's body odor says:


  41. Burnsy says:

    I’m not here to cause no trouble. Besides, I’m impressed with the turnout. I’m surprised the UK fans haven’t crashed the site.

  42. You are both right.

  43. Guess who I voted for? GO CATS!

  44. Jamal says:

    Hey, Kentucky might actually get out of the 2nd round.

    (Chubby4Tubby, and Matt, apparently.)

  45. JB* says:

    I feel like a child of divorced parents – our DeadSpin overlord or a voice of the Big Blue Nation? Either choice is good, either choice is bad.

    But wow – that got ugly faster than game night at Hi-Tops.

  46. beingsven says:

    Will is getting housed.

    Man, first the Fat Boys break up, then this…

  47. nickwill says:

    Had a good time with this post. If you like satire/humor like this, check out my new blog

  48. BaptismByFire21 says:

    “(Oh and do it quick….I am getting slaughtered)”

    Famous last words by Matt Jones before the reinforcements blew in from all over WildcatNation.

  49. Hey, I love satire/humor!

  50. Extra P. says:

    As do I, good sir! Let us adjourn to the nearest satirium and engage in harmless revelry!

  51. Extra P, I need your Yoda-esque support here. I’m minus 38 to the shirtless ocean guy in the MAC.

  52. Jordi says:

    I feel kinda bad. Will has provided me with about half of my hits to my site (my interview with a porn star is the other half – cough shameless plug cough). Anyway, it’s like watching your father get slaughtered by ninjas and then having to walk away like nothing happened. Unless you think you can take on a pack of wild blue-clad ninja. Then you are a better man (or woman) than I.

  53. Let the records show: APIAS prefers Pirates over Ninjas.

  54. Extra P. says:

    Don’t forget, Obi-Wan was struck down by Darth Vader and yet arose stronger than ever.

    Too dorky?

  55. Wait, who’s Darth Vader in that analogy?

  56. First I had to compete with Red Sox Stats Guy and his adorable son, and now I face off against HG and his come-hither eye black. I think I must have angered the seeding committee somehow. Hopefully, the Force will be with me.

  57. 14 votes. Why can’t I make up 14 votes?

  58. Extra P. says:

    Kentucky is Darth Vader.

  59. Jai Lucas says:

    God i should have went to Kentucky…look at the fanbase turnout on a freaking HOT DUDE BLOG CONTEST!! These fans are INSANE!!!! And i love it…

  60. HG says:

    @KD I don’t think either of us wants to deal with Matt J in the next round..That dudes a beast. I heard that he consumes the votes of his victims…

  61. JP says:

    If I make it past this round, fellas, I’ll gladly request a matchup with Mr. Kentucky himself and sacrifice myself. But, I’ll need your help to make it past Punter. Vote for me over in the Mid-Atlantic bracket.

  62. Also, I am currently residing in Kentucky and can use some support

  63. JP says:

    Goldfish, you’ve gotten a few of my votes from different computers today.

  64. @HG Indeed. He is a remorseless eating machine. More beast than man says I.

  65. HG says:

    ^^i know a guy who’s sister’s boyfriend’s best friend’s uncle logged on to his site and was never heard from again. true story

  66. CalifCatFan says:

    You put Kentucky in any kind of bracket and it is like catnip to Wildcat fans. You could have had the ugliest man representing Big Blue Nation (although Matt comes close) and they would still come out in droves to vote as if it was the NCAA tournament.

  67. Party Pooper says:

    Again, I just lurk here but I’m gonna have to call Shenanigans on the invisible army of Kentucky voters. 3000 votes?

    Sheninigans! Shenoonigans! Shenunnigans!

  68. Will says:

    It’s almost 4000 at this point. And it’s no shenanigans, we’re that ridiculous.

  69. Chris Tomlin's bow tie says:

    And people wonder why we are considered the best fanbase in the nation.

  70. Aminu Timberlake's Footprint says:

    Are there even that many people in the hills of old Kentucky? (well maybe if you count sheep)

  71. Chris Tomlin's Zipper says:

    How dare you scoff at the Commonwealth!

  72. sheena beaston says:

    PSaMP is about to go down in a blaze of glory to some anon?!?!

    dubs-t-f, friends?!?!?!?

  73. /listening to Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of Glory” right now

  74. 2 1/2 hours to make up 11 votes.

    Of course it would get interesting after I already wrote a concession speech. Shit.

  75. Anonymous says:

    Joe Speaker just got 70+ votes in about 15-20 seconds. WTF?

  76. Holly says:

    And people wonder why we are considered the best fanbase in the nation.

    Probably wondering because you don’t hear it that often outside of Kentucky.

  77. I thought White Sox nation was considered the best fan base in the country.

  78. HG says:

    well done KD. good luck moving forward man.

  79. Thanks HG, I’ll need it.

  80. Chris Tomlin's backhand says:


    Good one….oh and your also ignorant.

  81. tcmcg says:

    Well, that was uncalled for.

  82. Extra P. says:

    There is nothing so gleefully ironic as someone who types “your ignorant”

  83. Aminu Timberlake's Footprint says:

    Extra P, it is clear that you’re brain is too big. Your just two cocky :)

  84. Aminu Timberlake's Footprint says:


  85. Aminu Timberlake's Footprint says:

    too English is really hard unless your smart

  86. Extra P. says:

    Of course my brain is enormous. I’m a fucking sports blogger.

  87. Looking4#8hopingtochangetoLooking4#9 says:

    Great stuff who put Matt Jones as a 12 seed??? Do not underestimate anything involving Kentucky Wildcats…we are everywhere and growing!

    A variation of the Flinstone vitamins Kentucky is “10 billion strong and growing!”

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