It is like the worst nightmare coming true.  Ask any Pens fan who they did not want to play in the playoffs, and with a united voice they said, “The Ottawa Senators.”

Now here the Penguins are, down 3-1 to the Senators with Game Five back in Ottawa tomorrow night.  Things are not looking good.  0-5 on the power play last night.  One of the young up-and-comers, Erik Christensen, benched.  SI and MondesisHouse taking out “Missing” ads for for Malkin. 

Thank goodness for Jordan Staal, for his strength, for his scoring, and for his habit that I always find hot with hockey players –  chewing on his mouth guard.

Oh, and Daniel Alfredsson?  I take back naming you to the all NHL Hottie Team.  You too, Jagr.  No real reason for you other than I hate the Rangers and you’re killing the Thrashers and my boy Kovy.


nadysteals.jpgOn a much hotter note, the Pirates just swept the Cards in a two-game series in St.Louis, giving me an excuse to run a sweet picture of my new obsession Xavier Nady stealing second base in Tuesday’s 6-1 win.  Don’t look now, but the Buccos have the best road record in MLB…

(Kudos to one the commentors at Where Have You Gone Andy Van Slyke. Nice mojo there.)


OK, I might be the only Lady who finds Randy Johnson completely hot, but in the off-chance someone else likes their men tall and intense, Randy Johnson is going to play one more game for Triple-A Tucson on Thursday night before returning to the Diamondbacks.  I cannot wait to see him in D’backs new red jerseys.


Speaking of Arizona…Matt Leinart, who are you kidding.  You came to mini-camp looking like what?  You do not look good rocking the neck-beard.  I don’t care how late you were up with baby and how many diapers you changed.  


Farewell to Kansas City Chief’s 12-time Pro-Bowler Will Shields, who announced his retirement this week via his website this week.   The man never missed a game in his career, and was a starter in 223 out of 224 appearances.  Amazing.   Be sure to check out his website and the work he and his wife are doing in Kansas City giving back to the community that supported him his whole career.  A man with a cause is always hot.

And finally, I know we talked at length about Alyssa Milano’s new clothing line Touch the other day, but be sure to check out her official Dodger blog.   Looks like it could be pretty cute if she would update more.

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15 Responses to Hottie Hit and Run – Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe

  1. bLiNdLuCk says:

    Please tell me you didn’t miss Kovalchuk dropping the gloves with Sean Avery last night?

  2. throwbot says:

    Jagr should totally grow a playoff mullet like other players grow playoff beards. His early 90’s mullet was fucking epic.

  3. Clare says:

    I feel responsible for jinxing the Pens: I bought a Sidney Crosby t-shirt while I was out there this weekend.

  4. StarterWife, you need to recreate the magic of your OSU shrine with a much more necessary and deserving Pens one. I have been changing shirts and locations once they become assiociated with a loss, but it isn’t helping. A shrine may be our last hope for our beautiful boys.

  5. SavetheSteagles – I don’t think a shrine is enough. I am going to have pull out something I have not made in quite some time, no matter how much it grosses out my boyfriend.

    The TSW’s own special nacho dip that only she likes. Sharp cheddar. Salsa. Green Olives. All melted together. It looks like heck and I am the only one who likes the taste of it. 100000000000 calories, 85% fat. Eaten with 100%-carby chips. I don’t think I have made it in at least a couple of years.

    It has been magical in the past for the Pens, (much like I think mini-quiches are magical for the Steelers), so maybe I should make it on Thursday.

    Why are magical snacks never celery and water? Or is that for luck with supermodels?

  6. TheStarterBoyfriend says:

    I’m fine with the gloopy, yellow olive-cheese mash-thing that TSW permeates our entire home with during these stress playoff times of year.

    Just as long as I’m allowed to eat as much Taco Bell as humanly possible and drink heavy Russian lager beer.

    See? I’m supportive!

  7. metschick says:

    TSW: I got a headache last night, and I’ll blame it on the thought of sitting on Tommy Lasorda’s lap.

  8. Metschick – At least it didn’t make you want to drink a Slim Fast shake. (Do they still run his ads?)

    TSB – I thought you called a moritoriam on Taco Bell. Blech.

  9. The dip sounds disgusting, but I’m not one to argue with results.

  10. Redhead says:

    That dip sounds awesome, and don’t let anyone tell you any different.

    Randy Johnson? Really?????

  11. metschick says:

    TSW: it wouldn’t be the worst thing if they made me want to drink Slim Fast. I think he’s schilling Nutri-System now. (I could be wrong.)

  12. Texas Gal says:

    Xavier Nady: 10++++
    Randy Johnson: —-10

    And I kind of developed a girl crush on Alyssa after reading her blog on Monday- she clearly is obsessed with baseball, which I totally respect- and she didn’t flee or get pissy with all the negative comments. She kind of rocks.

  13. Randy Johnson is the shit. On the field accomplishments coupled with his general coolness makes him very hot.

    (Plus, I saw him up close and in person once. Wowzers. Hot.)

  14. Janalee says:

    I just can’t support all of this Sens bashing, though I was skeptical of Alfredsson on the All-Hottie team anyway.

    I will take full responsibility for the Senators loss in game 2. I fell asleep during both intermissions (I kind of forgot that there was a Sunday afternoon game and stayed out late on Saturday) and almost as soon as I woke up the Penguins scored.

  15. Janalee – Please take more naps. :)

    Alfredsson is cute, although his playoff beard looks more like someone who’s face got stuck in a bag of Cheetos.

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