First round results of the Ladies… v. KissingSuzyKolber pool 

1 Vesper Lynd – Holly 27  
1 M – TheStarterWife 27  
1 Roger Moore MMP – MMP   27
4 Honey Ryder – Texas Girl 25  
4 Lousy 20th Amendment – CC   25
6 Jinx Johnson – SA 24  
6 Christmas Ape    24
6 Sally Ann Rottencrotch – BBD   24
9 Plenty O’Toole – J-Money 23  
10 Kissy Suzuki – Metschick 22  
10 Jaws – UM    22
12 Solitaire  – Andie 20  
12 Octopussybasket – flubby   20
14 Miss Moneypenny – Clare 0  
  Subtotal 168 142
  Minus lowest 2 Ladies Scores -20  
  Total 148 142

Holly and TheStarterWife need to set the record straight!

Stupid, stupid, stupid fucking Yahoo.  We’ve heard here at Ladies HQ that many pools have been ruined by improperly saved bracket picks, and it looks like we fared no better. 

Holly would have been perfect for the day on Friday if her pick of Kentucky would have gone through instead of it being a ‘no pick’.  (Which means she would have had one more point, and would have be the sole #1 in the pool.) Since it is the first round and it was only one point, well, that is just the way the cookie crumbles. 

I, on the other hand, made a colossal mistake.  How it did not save after I entered my tie-breaking score with my final pick, I do not know, but I fucked up.  In the long-run, I do not think it will matter because my very risky pick of Oregon winning it all looks ludicrous after the way they played against Miami of Ohio. 

If Oregon does win, and I need to back up this pick, I offer two things: 1) I have previously posted all over Deadspin what my FF picks were and who I selected as the champion 2)  My picks in my office pool are exactly the same as these, and have Oregon saved as the winner.  It also has my real name and my company’s name ON THE PAGE.   If it comes down to it, I will select one Lady and one KSK gentleman I trust with this information and will submit to them my office bracket for verification.

Ladies, again, I apologize to you for this error.  (And for picking Oregon to begin with. I was blinded by Bryce Taylor’s smile!!!)

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0 Responses to Winning Over the Dicks – MM with the KSK Mafia – Round One – ‘Mistakes Were Made’

  1. I have Oregon winning in my ESPN bracket.

    Holly – why didn’t you name your bracket after the Bond girl with your first name? Holly Goodhead?

  2. Holly says:

    Because Vesper Lynd is teh hottness, and I get enough propositioning from the boys in the threads as it is.

    Also, for the record, should it come down to one point saving us from invasion–my D—spin Pants Party bracket (The WolfBearClownSharks, if you care to search) is identical to this one in every way, except for the part where ALL THE GAMES WERE CORRECTLY SAVED. It clearly shows my selection of Kentucky over ‘Nova. What really, really riles me about this is that I agonized over picking that particular game and ended up choosing correctly, only to receive no points for it.


  3. Metschick says:

    Fuckin Yahoo. I seem to have less points as well. What, it’s because I know very little about NCAA basketball? Aw, dammit.

    Still lovin the MS Paint jobs, TSW.

  4. Holly says:

    Also, “Octopussybasket” is inspired. +1 flubby.

  5. Suss-- says:

    “Still lovin the MS Paint jobs, TSW.”

    I will henceforth call it the Ladies…strator

  6. Thanks Wanda.

    The funny thing is that other than the Big Sky one, which was done all in MS Paint, I’ve done them all in Photoshop. Talk about wasted resourses. 289, Suss–, and J-Money – don’t read this next part.

    (Sometimes I even remember to make layers in Photoshop. But most of the time I am doing it on the background.)

  7. Metschick says:

    That last part makes no sense to me. I tried using Photoshop once, and was scared away by all the features. I just use Corel Paint Pro. (I think that’s what it’s called.)

  8. Disco Stu says:

    The Ladies…trator? Isn’t that copyrighted to Hitachi, already?

  9. Baba Oje says:

    +1 to H for the Vesper Lynd. I

  10. Baba Oje says:

    Casino Royale Kicks so much ass.

  11. common sense says:

    honey, i’m sorry it didn’t work out for you and your hens, but rule number one of any gambling enterprise is to make sure your bets are right with the house… and then you check again… and again, just to be sure.

  12. Holly says:

    Wow, thanks for the gambling lesson. I’ll certainly keep those principles in mind.

  13. It’s also good form to make sure you don’t have any truly retarded picks when you get freaking lucky and pick 38 of 38 in one of your brackets. No, wait, that was me. Don’t worry.


  14. I doubled checked, common sense.


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