Cowherhead2_small_1 I took this picture while at a Pirates mid-week day game.  The Steelers practice facility used to be right across the street from Three Rivers, and it was not unusual to see players and coaches wander over during the off season.

Like any good Yinzer sports fan…

…I remember being so excited to see Cowher, and even more excited that I had a little disposable camera in my bag.  No bothered him in the few minutes he stood on the ramp, (and I think I was the only one to notice him in our section), so I just left well enough and took this shot from afar.

(One a side note,  after the game we headed over to the Clark Bar and saw Greg Lloyd having lunch with someone.   He did not want his picture taken, by me or anyone else.  I remember this day so clearly just because an afternoon beer at a ballgame turned into an all-night bender which eventually led to my friends and I sharing a little blow with a now game show host.)

Anyway, this is the only thing "Cowher" I have in my Black and Gold collection.  For some reason, this picture has floated around the  in-box on my desk for years.   I always liked it, even though you can barely see him in the shot.   (If I get a chance, I’ll scan the picture in at work and post it, because nothing is worse than a picture of a picture.)

I’m going to miss Cowher, but these things happen.  I cried during the last game of the season every time the Steelers scored, when Cowher yelled at Willie Colon, and when the game ended, knowing that it was his last game.  No more tears, we must now look to the future. 

Thanks for everything, Coach Cowher.  It was fun while it lasted.

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0 Responses to "Nice pick, Cowher."

  1. Cowher was ridiculously hard to dislike for Browns fans. He needed to leave so it could be a rivalry again and Cleveland could hate again. Let the healing begin!

  2. JB* says:

    It was Bob Saget, wasn’t it?

  3. TheStarterWife says:

    It was not Bob Saget, although I have always wanted to party with him.

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