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I had my annual Sundance rant ready to go, (this time in blog forum), but decided to skip it this year just so no one accused me of just having a case of “sour grapes”.

Defamer has already left for Park City, as well as other an eastsider The Skunks of Los Feliz.

Jossip says Sundance is over-run by unofficial sponsors?!?! You don’t say! (Ok, that is rant-ish. Sorry. But read Page Six. Again, sorry.)

Does Slamdance realize it is not 2003 any more? Do they know what they were asking for by accepting “Ringers”? Why? Are they looking for fans like these: Ringer 1 and Ringer 2.

If you ARE in Park City… check out Abel Raises Cain at Slamdance.

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  1. Shubbadubba says:

    Wait… are you really revealing some sort of shock at the idea that Slamdance is attempting to pander in no small way to a significant crowd of semi-disturbed goombas? Smells like someone wants to be Cannes-lite.

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