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Late on Sunday night, I asked my partner to take me on one of my favorite (and most cliche) trips in Los Angeles – for a drive down the length of Mulholland Drive. Enough time has past since the rain that the main roads are now clear, but recent enough that the air is so clear you can see past Long Beach to the south to where the lights end in the West Hills to the north.

I’ve been addicted to the lights of Los Angeles for as long as I can remember. Even more so, I am addicted to the calm darkness of the Hills that divide the city. A mountain range! That divides one of the nation’s largest cities! When I lived in South Florida, they always said that looking out to the ocean was one of the easiest ways to calm your soul. To hell with that, I say. Looking out on millions of people living their lives is much more reassuring.

I look to feed this addiction by searching for blogs that may have something to do with Mulholland Drive. Pictures, hiking paths I have yet to find, maps… anything. What do I get? 10,000 hits on David Lynch’s film.

Buried in the Lynch links on Technorati, I stumble upon a mystery called “Search For The Spiderpool”. (Warning: NSFW-Vintage Erotic photos.) Apparently collectors of vintage nude photos have been looking for a house where dozens -if not hundreds- of pictures were taken.

Thousands and thousands of cheesecake and nude photographs were taken during the late forties and early fifties. Virtually all of these pictures are the same in the respect that they could have been taken anywhere at anytime. They have no identity: they depict unknown models in unknown locations. The inside of any room looks pretty much the same as any other room. A stretch of beach, a grove of trees all look the same no matter where the location. The Spiderpool on the other hand is readily identifiable; it is a real place anchored in time and space. No where else on earth, as far as we know, looks anything like it. We can almost tell when and where it is. It has a character and an enchantment which speaks to us across the span of fifty years. It demands that we learn more about it. So we find ourselves on a quest that is equal parts mystery, nostalgia, and enigma; searching for a tangible link to the golden past. Join us.

welcome y’all and enjoy!i’ve collected vintage erotic pics for years but
i have always been fascinated with the mystery location shown in the “spiderpool” pics….happy, beautiful, REAL women posing in lingerie and nude on the grounds and beside an interesting tiled swimming pool that we have nicknamed the spider pool due to the big tiled spider on the wall …my friends at are searching for more pics and info and i’ll repost what i can…not possible to credit everyone but ALL THANKS TO ORIGINAL POSTERS!

What is amazing about this blog, is the amount of time and detail they have put into this search. Explore this part of their archives and look at the detail in which they have examined topography maps, looked for landmarks in the background, and have designed mock-ups of the shape and location of the pool. (Actually, read through all of the archives, just to get a sense of it all.)

Fascinating. I’ll be interested to see if they ever find the location, if it still exists.


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