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Funny what blogs you find yourself reading.

I was reading the Steelers messageboard, (I know… I know… I need to finish the intro page for the charity I work with), and found a link to a possible Steeler sign to have for the big game on Saturday. (Incidentally, nothing is going to beat the Cleveland Browns sign of “TO has BO” this year.) Anyway, I decided to check out SuperSteve’s blog, and had a few chuckles, because I, like most women in America, have had to say no to a boyfriend wanting a new power drill, a Velvet Elvis painting, and a Dogs Playing Poker at one time or another.

But what really made me laugh, was a blog SuperSteve linked to called Call Center Confidential. Read through it, but make sure you scroll all the way down, (he doesn’t make it linkable), to the November 29 entry about a meeting to curb stationary use. Hilarious.

From there I made it to Mr.Teacher’s blog The Report Card, who alerts his readers to the Canadian Registry of Missing Mittens.

(Kitten joke not included.)

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0 Responses to From Canadian Chicks to British Baristas and Back to Canada for Mittens

  1. Shubbadubba says:

    I’m not necessarily sure the Steelers sign that reads “Forbbiden 401” is the most effective form of taunt against the Jets. Be that as it may, it’s still your call.

    Also, I think the best-best “I Wanna Be on ESPN’S Highlights” sign this year was the following game for the Eagles against the Steelers where a quick-witted Yinzer scrawled out “T.O. STILL has B.O.”

    Suddenly we’ve gone from trussed-up nonsense to near brilliance. So much so, that I may suggest to advocate for signs that taunt every ballplayer whose name can rhyme with a silly bodily function. (I.E., “Roethlisberger picks his BOOGERS.” or “Drew Brees Likes to SNEEZE.”)

  2. otherpeoplesblogs says:

    Odd. If you cut and paste this link,, it works.

  3. MrTeacher says:

    Actually, Haddocktwat ( made that public service announcement on my blog.

  4. otherpeoplesblogs says:

    Oops! Thanks for the correction, MrTeacher.

  5. Jennie Gillan says:

    It’s crazy to see just everyone who is still talking about the sign my dad made for the Eagles game. Yup, that’s right, my dad is Mr. T.O. has B.O.

  6. otherpeoplesblogs says:

    Has he had the sign framed yet?

  7. Shubbadubba says:

    Jennie: Your dad is da bomb! I think that sign spawned an entirely new breed of NFL taunting via poster-marker and blank paper. I remember less about this NFL season than I do that sign. He deserves an ESPN Fan Award in his honor. Awesome.

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