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I’m pretty sure that Angelyne and Dennis “Make My Movie” Woodruff have already driven this into technique the ground, but it looks like Jay “The Writer” Taylor is making his best pitch on Sunset just east of Highland. (Although, correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t somewhere on the Cahuenga Pass or Barham make more sense for this billboard? I am sure the rates on Lankershim run cheaper than Sunset.)

117_1720_2 117_1721_3 HAWGS – Sitcom treatment, 6 pages
Jesse Ballou is a young Dallas lawyer-lady…who hates practicing law, loves motorcycles…as a kid she went to races with her dirt-tracker daddy. Now Dad’s rich, Mom is old Dallas money. Jesse buys a struggling little Harley shop with a wacky staff, Mom goes nuts. Tons of cameo potential, from Leno to country music stars.
Feature: It’s like Taxi, but set in a funky Harley shop. Super contemporary.

He has three other pitches listed, as well as an Arizona fax number and a promise that if you request a script, “they’ll be delivered to you, by someone you know very well”.

Taylor would have been better off just calling Jeff Zucker’s third assistant by name. (Is that position still on the UTA job list?) Zucker probably still misses “Friends”, so I would imagine that the idea of a show that includes a “wacky staff” could go far.

(That is, if the pitch came from, oh… say an agent, and not a billboard.)

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0 Responses to "Please fax me which ones you want, and they’ll be delivered to you, by someone you know very well."

  1. Shubbadubba says:

    Is it just the sheer audacity of a pathetic individual to do something like this that makes us all laugh and shake our heads in disbelief? Or is it just the sad, depressive lament that this ad space could have been used for yet another MEET THE FOCKERS billboard?

  2. otherpeoplesblogs says:

    Or really, one less billboard for ALIAS.

    Good to see this writer is flexible on the cleavage issue. Because writers always get to decided on the amount of cleavage shown.

  3. jeremy says:

    I was hoping that billboard could take the place of the ALEX AND EMMA billboard still hanging out on Beverly.

  4. KateCoe says:

    Well, as sitcom ideas go, it’s no worse than anything on the air.

  5. muffin says:

    contact Jay and tell him what you think!

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