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I am sure that when the Defamer makes his Breast Fairy joke, somewhere Bill Cosby is getting a royalty check. (One of the Cos’s best routines. A bicycle pump. Posture. Ha!)

Killer Boots is recommending a Newsweek book about the Democratic Party campaign mess that was 2004. My anger towards the party is still too close to the surface to read it anytime soon, but give me another 8 months and I should be ready.

The LAist has one of the more clever takes I have seen on the now Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim mishaps.

Sorry for being so rushed this morning. Over-slept and am running late for a meeting.

ADDENDUM: Beaks, why bother even reading Poland? It is not good for the blood pressure. Agreed on the DePalma love though.

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  1. otherpeoplesblogs says:

    Since someone else already said what I think of the whole in the comments section, I am just going to them.

    “Whew! Haven’t seen this much dirty laundry since my last year in college.”

    Why do we care what either of these men have to say? They sound like a couple of high school girls, (without meaning to insult high school girls), with the ‘he-said-he-said’ game.

    Sidenote: I just had coffee with someone who has a connection to DeSanto. Yet again another DeSanto connection. I no longer can take it. He’s everywhere.

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