Why?  Because a good drink starts with a good foundation.  Not enough ice in the beer cooler? Warm beer.  Not enough ice in the ice bucket?  Warm cocktails and even worse if you’re the designated driver, warm soda.  Nothing is sadder than the poor designated driver at the end of the evening, just staring at a half-empty, flat 2-liter of Coke, (most of which had been used as a rum mixer), on the table next to a sorry bowl with just a little bit of water at the bottom. Even scarier is the idea that you might have to make a drink using the slimy, greasy ice — what little of it is left — from the bottom if the beer cooler and hope it doesn’t taste like disintegrated Bud Lite labels.

Supposedly the rule of thumb is two pounds of ice per person.  LIES!  Three to four pounds a person should be mandatory for all gatherings.  If you were having a Super Bowl party with all these fine sports writers who contributed to this predictions post over at the Gally Blog, you would need at least 60-80 pounds of ice for it to be a successful event.