Back on Day 1 of the 14 Days of Super Bowl Recipes, we said this year’s Football Foodie theme was going to be smaller, easier dishes to round out your Super Bowl table.  Side items to supplement the giant smoked briskets, 6-foot sandwiches, and 25-layer dips you’ve already planned on serving this Sunday.  Main courses are great, but we all know it is the sides that complete the feast.  And just because it is a side dish, doesn’t mean it has to be wimpy and light.

On Sunday, while every newly-minted New Orleans Saints fan will be gorging on Reggie Bush, some of us will be filling our plates with a monster helping of Pierre Thomas.  Cheering for Peyton Manning?  Awesome, but I think I’ll take a big old heaping of Gary Brackett racing towards Drew Brees instead.  For every sexy, boldfaced name’ like Dallas Clark there is a surfeit of talented Austin Collies and Pierre Garcons to load your plate up with during the Super Bowl.