Time to start the annual Football Foodie Pick’em Leagues!

A league so popular and competitive, I’ve had at least two people tell me the only reason they were anxious for this season to start is they could have a shot at taking down the always tough Rob in Wisconsin.  (Although don’t sleep on previous winners Pretty Girls and Waffles, Studley and Catherine. All four of them pick better than most analysts.)

Never been a part of Football Foodie Pick’em? The deets:

The pools!

Straight-up pick’em, no spread or confidence points and all games will count. As always, smack talk is not only allowed, it’s encouraged.

Football Foodie College Pick’Em Pool: League ID #11779, Password: pizzaloaf (all lower case letters)

I know this is a bit of a rush for the CFB league, but you have until Friday night for the one game played then and until Saturday for the rest of the Week 1 slate since we’re using the standard “Games Yahoo Editors Find Interesting” setting.

Football Foodie NFL Pick’Em Pool: League ID #34065. Password: pizzaloaf (all lower case letters)

Yahoo’s NFL pick’em leagues allow you to run the pool through the playoffs, which is a right swell development in my book. Everyone seemed to have fun picking through the Super Bowl last season, so we’re going to do it again this year. (Also I’m hoping that the pool will come right down to the wire and the Super Bowl picks will determine the winner. Extra tension for all!)

The prizes!

Previous winners have won $50 Amazon gift cards or chef’s coats featuring their favorite teams. I’d like to say I’ve got a better idea for this year’s prizes, but as of this moment I don’t so let’s say those are the prizes and if something cooler comes up, I’ll let everyone know. (Not that a gift card isn’t anything to sneeze at.)

The Football Foodies!

The reason why we are all here. Recipes will start going up this week to kick off sixth (!!!) season of the Football Foodie. Hint? I’d make sure you have a bottle of Cointreau around this season.

UPDATE 8/30 –

Hey guys,

It was just pointed out to me that the spread had accidentally been set in this league.

The league as been switched back to straight picks.

Sorry about the confusion and inconvenience if you need to go back and change any of your picks.


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