As we get ready to get ready to dig into the 2012 28 Days of Super Bowl Recipes, a few updates.

  • The Football Foodie Page on Facebook – People like Facebook. Maybe you like Facebook. Many of you like to share recipes on Facebook with people who never go to any other sites on the web without seeing it on Facebook first. Well, now you can go like and follow all of the Foodie posts directly on Facebook. Did I mention this was on Facebook? You should go like it on Facebook.
  • Google + – Yeah, it’s under construction until the Google link generator actually pulls the top lines from the post and not my site’s slugline. Get your act together Google. (And bring back the ShareBros while you’re at it.)

Of course, you can also follow the action on Twitter and Tumblr. Sure, they cover a lot more than recipes and football, but you have other interests too I am sure.

That’s it! Had a great time going through the archives and getting these all together. Nate Washington jokes in 2007, Gruden jokes back when he was in Tampa, Al Davis (RIP) jabs. Wasn’t as fun to see how poorly lit my early pictures for the column were, but at least the snacking was still righteous.

Kick-off tomorrow involves habanero peppers, so I hope you’re ready.

Don’t forget to send your recipes for Super Bowl Guacamole Week, deadline is Monday.

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One Response to Your 360-interactive-all-media-guide for the Football Foodie as we get ready for the 28 Days of Super Bowl Recipes

  1. jmgator says:

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! To quote Bart Starr: “CAN’T WAIT!”

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