The Wall Street Journal ran one of those half-baked filler articles today under the headline What Tim Tebow Can’t Do, an exercise in pap so trite you’d expect to find it on Tumblr as a re-blogging meme. The piece points out Tebow hasn’t won a MacArthur Grant (obvious, he’s a Gator), Nathan’s hot dog eating contest (Sanchez’s steez anyway), hasn’t been on the cover of Dwell (he’s not a living room in Soho), and hasn’t made a Sandra Bullock movie (give it time).

Which means we’re now talking about Tebow just for the sake of talking about Tebow.

Have we reached true Tebow saturation though? One way we can tell is through a shoddy internet poll with limited test audience data comparing him to the only other truly overexposed to the point of ridicule NFL player in recent memory, Brett Favre.

A friend of mine recently asked the question, “If stuck with just Bob Seger or Billy Squier, who do you pick?” That debate got rather contentious, so I posed the dilemma to another group of friends. In that bar discussion someone answered, “Billy Squier, because I don’t know his music as well. So if stuck on a desert island with just Billy Squier, at least I could say, ‘Well, haven’t heard this before.'” Logic that could easily be weighed in favor of voting for Tebow. Then again, as one person noted, “Seger, because he’s just musically better,” which would be the Favre feeling.

Vote open for a week. Arguments down in the comments.


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8 Responses to You’re stuck on a deserted island with a TV that only gets one channel…

  1. ACMESalesRep says:

    Is “the sweet release of death” an option?

  2. Rob in WI says:


    Would said channels show just modern coverage? Or would it show previous games? For example, would I get a replay of Super Bowl XXXI every few weeks or so?

    Thanks, I’ll hang up and listen to your answer.

  3. Larry Brown says:

    At least Tebow is a nice guy, even if the coverage of him is annoying as heck. Favre is a straight up douche.

    • sarah sprague says:

      Favre really only became a jerk later on. Early Favre coverage would be fun and positive!

  4. njpa Nick says:

    The relative “newness” of Tebow coverage makes it more appealing for me. If I had to be stuck with #4’s retirement saga for the rest of my days, I would be miserable. Plus, I’d get to watch Timmy cry on the sidelines in the Alabama game, which makes it all worth it.

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