Last night we were out with some friends for the soft opening of our pal’s new bar Wood & Vine and getting ready to leave when Jeremy got a call from someone saying Donald Glover posted an update on Twitter he was buying rounds for everyone over at a joint over on Vermont.

So what the hell, once we wrapped up our good-byes and congratulations we piled in the car, called a few more friends who live right off Vermont to meet us there and headed on over.

Walk in, a friend of a friend grabs me right away, “Do you have gum? Danny Pudi needs gum.” Handed Pudi my pack of gum and made my way back to where the crew was gathering. There was a professional photographer there taking pictures of Glover from time to time. Nerdcore hipsters posed for pictures with Pudi. At one point I heard Glover say, “Well, I had a bunch of money to spend and this seemed like it worked out,” so my guess was the whole affair was for a magazine shoot. He seemed hammered by the end of the night.

Ran into some writers we knew, talked about THE BODYGUARD remake (which we all agree should be Angelina Jolie protecting Justin Bieber), talked about Bryan’s awful day at the gynecologist. (You heard me.)

On the way out we joked that we should go see if Dan Harmon and Starburns were over at their usual haunt a couple of blocks away on Hillhurst, but the idea of going from craft cocktails, then to a tequila bar and ending the night drinking PBR out of a can was more than our stomachs could handle.

It may seem like you’re going out to see what comedians like Pudi and Glover are up to, but really they’re just an excuse to stay out late with your friends.

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2 Responses to Danny and Donald.

  1. Clare says:

    You know you lead a charmed life, right?

    • sarah sprague says:

      I really don’t though. I just tend to keep all the bad crap private for whatever reason.

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