Long time Football Foodie readers know I love seeing what other people make for game day. The crazier the better. So when Steven passed along a photo of his Steelers dip today, I was I was simply blown away. Who knew there was artistry in dip creation?
I’ve just stumbled on and started reading your blog, and wanted to share a creation of mine with you. I made this 7 layer dip for the most recent Steelers-Ravens game, and I believe that the positive energy I channeled into said dip proved vital to an overall Steelers victory. The top layer is a mix of chopped olives and black beans, skillfully placed over top the 2nd layer of sour cream. The stars are chedder, tomato, and a crushed blue tortilla chip.

Mind blown. Steven recommends placing a small bowl over the sour cream layer while covering the dip with chopped olives to get the perfect circle. The crushed blue chips? Genius. The only blue food I can ever think of is the leek soup in THE BRIDGET JONES DIARY and the milk Luke drank on Tatooine.

Speaking of amazing reader ideas, long time FF reader (and every longer time Deadspin commenter) Bullet! Bullet! Bullet suggested putting cole slaw and French fries on top of the Creamy Hot Hoagie Dip to transform it into a Primanti’s Dip. Not only am I amazed, but I am completely mad at myself for not thinking of that first. Primanti’s DIP!

Less than 48 hours to go before kickoff. I’m here in Dallas-Arlington-Ft.Worth getting ready to cover the Taste of the NFL event tomorrow night. Had a chance to do a walk through of the venue this afternoon and get some background as well as watch culinary students from across the region prep for the event. Everything looked amazing, so I’m excited to see all the cooks in full swing tomorrow.

And oh, met a longhorn named Rusty.

Who says Ft. Worth isn’t exciting?

Another guest post over on SB Nation tomorrow. Super Bowl drinks! I’ll pass along the link as soon as it’s live.

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3 Responses to Reader Submissions: Steelers 7th Heaven – 7 Layer Super Bowl Dip

  1. Chris Crawford says:

    WOW…out of the comments and into the text? I was falling asleep due to jet lag (back in NY late last night after 3 weeks in Hong Kong) and was going to bail on the cabbage my wife bought today. But now…to the kitchen! I’m re-energized. My and my bro-in-law made about 15 Primanti’s sandwiches before the victory against the Cardinals.

    Here we go!

  2. Bullet! Bullet! Bullet! says:

    My secret identity….exposed!

    “Chris Crawford says…”

  3. Bullet! Bullet! Bullet! says:

    Here’s the slaw recipe I use:

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