Adena Andrews has you covered on what went down while you were sleeping (or shopping).

espnW: Online Destination for Female Sports Fans and Athletes

See? Why?

(via katieschenk)

Ooof. And just after I read Katie Baker’s piece in NY Mag.

Still, I’m giving the site a chance to grow and develop before my final judgment. Saw too many posts about “why this will fail” before the first article even went live on espnW, which seemed a little unfair. (Unfair on the internet? You don’t say.)

Nonetheless, not fond of the shopping joke. Not because it’s sexist, but because it’s a really unfunny joke. How hard would have been to riff on the Caught on the Fly — yes, I know I refer to CotF too often, but I loved it — with a, “… While you drowned your fantasy football sorrows in egg nog” or “… While you prepared your child’s ‘ear muffs’ for Penguins-Capitals 24/7.” 

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