Long time Friday Football Foodie readers know that as a West Coaster, where football starts prompt at 9am on Saturdays and 10am on Sundays, I absolutely love the Football Brunch.  You get to miss the three to four hours of meaningless pregame analysis, you can start drinking earlier if you want, and you are approximately 87% less likely to see Frank Caliendo doing his Madden impression. All wins.

The only downside to early morning football is that you — okay, I, tend to make some rather questionable fantasy football decisions at 9:50 AM. Or worse, forget about one or two leagues entirely because you’re only half awake.

If there is one constant in morning football watching, it’s that everyone is usually ravenous. Enter the baked egg bread bowl. Savory, satisfying and easy enough to make in less than half an hour. You can make just a few for you and your family, or bake a whole giant tray of them if you have company with the same amount of effort. (Something to remember with Thanksgiving coming up, because Cousins Sue Mary and Jim Dickie are not feeding themselves Saturday morning while you try to graciously listen to them talk about their recent trip to Branson while you try to watch a few minutes of Kansas-Missouri. Oh yes, Sue Mary, you were just in Missouri too!)  They bake up faster than a quiche, are easier than making omelets for everyone and are much less messy than eggs in a nest/eggs in toast.

Brunch Bread Bowls with Egg, Ham and Cheese (or whatever you like with your eggs)

You will need…

So the ratio is this:

1 egg, one crusty roll, 1/2 teaspoon half and half or heavy cream per baked bread bowl. (Scrambled egg bowls need a little bit more cream.) How many bread bowls you need per person goes from there, so depending on everyone’s appetite, plan on at least 1-3 bread bowls per person.

Look for dinner rolls that are at least 2-3 inches across. Mini brioches? Even better tasting. (The bakery was out when I made this batch.)

Going from there, plan on 1 tablespoon of cheese per bread bowl and just a few pieces of chopped ham. A few sprigs of chives, thyme, sage or rosemary go a long way, so plan on a teaspoon of chopped herbs per bread bowl.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Pre-heat the oven to 350º.

Slice off the tops of the rolls and then hollow out the inside.

Important tip: If you are adding a lot of ham and cheese or bacon or salsa or sausage or whatever else your little heart desires, take a few minutes to mush down the inside of the bread with either your clean fingers or a spoon. (Really, your hands should be clean either way you do it.) If not, when you go to fill the bowls with egg, they will most certainly overflow.

Put a small amount of ham and cheese in the bottom of each bowl.

On the left, we have scrambled eggs bowls with herbs, salt and pepper mixed in. On the right, one egg in each bowl. Break one egg into a bowl, then top with cream, herbs and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Place just the filled bread bowls in the oven and bake for 20-30 thirty minutes, depending on how hot your oven is and how well cooked you like your eggs. Baking them much longer will lead to dry, hard eggs.  During the last 5 minutes of baking, toss the bread bowl tops in the oven to toast.

Dress with a few fresh herbs when done and serve with either potatoes or fruit salad.

(And before you ask why also a scrambled version? Sometimes I just don’t feel like soft eggs.)

Inspired by All You.

What about you guys?

What’s everyone watching this weekend? What are you making?

I cannot lie and say I have any agenda other than Patriots-Steelers. It’s all I can think about. Is there even any other games on this weekend? We no longer have offensive line! What if Brady goes all Brady? What if Harrison is tossed from the game after sneezing on Woodhead? What if my new lucky Steelers headband doesn’t work on Sunday? WHAT ELSE COULD GO WRONG?!

Don’t forget to add your pictures to Football Foodies Flickr Group from last weekend and be sure to get some new shots this weekend!

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