As of 10/27/2010 12/30/10, is under construction for the next few days.

Feel free to go hangout at or while this joint gets all spiffed up for its new incarnation! (i.e. Not a blank info page, circa 1999-2008 or just redirected to Tumblr, circa 2008-2010.)

UPDATE – Beta posting starting 12/31/10. Need to finish reloading a bajillion thumbnails, delete some blog/Tumblr double posts, re-tag a few hundred posts. Working on recipe carousal page.

Eyestrain, you betcha.

UPDATE 2 – Good lord this thing is clunky, but I’m running out of patience trying to make everything perfect. Going to start posting here full-time, moving away from B&GT and trying to figure what to do with the Tumblr. My dreams of making a feature Football Foodie Page are starting to crumble. There’s a crummy carousal up, but I’m not a fan of how it resizes photos. BAH.

Archive cleanup is on-going. Not to mention the fact that on old posts the meta data will say “0” comments, just to click on the post and see a whole bunch of comments. While not a big deal, one cannot help but feel a little bit of panic on high-traffic posts from the old sites which had 12-27 “Tweets” now looking naked and lonely with “0” in their new home. Will eventually need to link back to their previous homes.

UPDATE 3 – Actively posting and cleaning up at the same time. Lordy what a mess.

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3 Responses to Quick FYI – Site contruction and development

  1. sarah sprague says:

    Well isn’t this just a pisser. Hyperlinks work when you follow the jump, but not from the main page excerpt?

    Add it to the punch list.

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