Debating changing my Twitter name from TSW (which it has been since the old Defamer days) to my real name, since I stopped blogging and Tweeting anonymously when I left a job last year.

I’ve been squatting on my real name for more than a year now, and there is no way I can merge the two accounts. So I would have to delete my real name, and then real quick change my TSW to my name and hope that within those 20 seconds no one would register the name I just deleted.

Torn, since so many people have known me by this handle for almost five (!!!!!) years, but to think I’ve built in brand/persona name to something I’m not even attached to is ludicrous. I also hate, hate, hate, hate explaining to friends the TSW name to friends outside of the internet world. I’ve flat out avoided telling people my Twitter handle to avoid the embarrassment.

The fact that I’ve been having this internal debate for the better part of a week is insane.

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