Mr. DennyMayo asked, “Fucking sports bras, how do they work?” after my comment about how you cannot get a decent sports bra if you are over a certain cup size in response to SB Nations’ post Ladies’ Bouncy Parts Are Complex Scientific Mystery, Says Science.

So here is a video explanation of the difference between a normal, supportive bra and a few of the sports bras I have tried. 

Just a couple of notes:

1) 34H (Really a 32-inch band, but you buy what they make.) 

2) In the video, I mentioned that I have spent nearly a $1,000 on bras this year. I also mentioned that the bra I usually buy is going off the market, so I’ve been buying all the back-stock I can find on this size and style over the past month. This is why it sounds like a lot of money, but in reality, it’s not that far off my usual bra spending (Or much more than what other busty ladies spend.) Hopefully they’ll last me until next summer. 

3) If you search for “sports bras” on YouTube, you’ll find lots of women complaining about how they are miserable contraptions. The person who builds a better sports bra could make a fortune. 

4) The idea of using duct tape doesn’t sound so far off from what could be a good sports bra design.

5) Sorry about the video quality, but my camera gave up during recording and I had to film again with an iPhone.

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