Didn’t you used to be one the largest consortium of sports writers and fans?


Looking for some great NFL, NASCAR, Tennis, MMA, College Football, and College Basketball Tumblrs to follow. If you run one, let me know.

Other sports are of course welcome as well, but I’m trying to add more people who blog about those particular sports.

Buried in yesterday’s news item in TechCrunch about the SBNation-BORG absorbing The Sporting Blog (I never did understand why it wasn’t called The Sporting News Blog, but then again, I never understood why they lost the “The” before “Sporting News” either) was a tidbit about SBNation also launching a Tumblr, which is far as I have seen, still hasn’t been announced anywhere on SBNation’s “From Our Editors” main page feed.

Since most of my Tumblr followers are sports blog refugees of one type or another and run multiple Tumblr feeds for their sports, personal and pop sensibilities — or are like me and use their personal Tumblr to link to sports work elsewhere — it seemed worth passing on if anyone was interested. (Curveball and RandomSox come to mind.)

(But mostly it was an excuse to make a “Caught on the Fly” joke.)

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