Battle CHEESE!

It was a painful Round of 16 for The Football Foodie World Cup.

Battle South American Sandwiches ended with the Uruguayan chivito edging out the Argentinian choripan, a sandwich that easily could have dominated in the final rounds. Spanish pinxtos lost to the Brazilian sanduíche de calabresa by just a handful of votes (a virtual extra time PK), while inexplicably New Zealand’s meat pies lost to the Netherlands’ gouda. (Although I would like to think it was protesting Englishmen and Aussies who voted for gouda because they were still upset meat pies had been assigned to the Kiwis over them.) Speaking of England, the reign of beans on toast came to an end as it was no match for Germany’s wursts which won their match with 80% of the vote. Greek saganaki didn’t have too much of a challenge from the host nation South Africa’s bunny chow, the American hamburger made mincemeat of Serbian ćevapčići, Italian pizza dispatched the Japanese gyoza with ease, and B&GT readers being B&GT readers — i.e. cheese lovers — obviously voted for Swiss fondue over Portugal’s vinho do porto.

On to The Football Foodie World Cup 2010 Semi- Quarter-Finals!

Some good football foods went out in the last round, which makes the quarter finals that much harder to judge. As always, stuffing the ballot box (well, every six hours when the cookies reset) is encouraged, as well as sharing with your friends, family and foes alike to make sure your favorite cuisine wins.

Voting ends at midnight, July 3!


United States Hamburger vs Greek Saganaki

Listen, I love fried hard Greek cheese as much as the next person, but USA! USA! USA!  (Unless we’re talking hamburger versus gyro, and then it’s just USA! once.)

Vote for both?

Brazil Sanduíche de Calabresa vs Italian Pizza

As much as I love pizza, and I do love thin Neapolitan pizza, the only thing I believe is more overrated than the Italian football team is pizza. Think long and hard before you vote saucy dough over a pepperoni sandwich with melted cheese and tomatoes.  (Personally I don’t think sanduíche de calabresa stands a chance, but you never know.)


German Wursts vs Uruguayan Chivito

German wursts haven’t gone up against any tough teams so far in the Football Foodie World Cup, so the sausages finally face a real contender in Uruguay’s steak, ham, bacon, cheese, roasted red peppers, olive relish and salsa golf sandwich.

Battle CHEESE!

Swiss Fondue vs Netherlands Gouda

In my mind and stomach, Switzerland’s fondue had no business even getting out of Group H over Chile’s pebre and Honduran baleadas, but here it is facing off against the Netherlands’ gouda. Loyal B&GT readers are finally going to have to vote against cheese, something almost unheard of on our little slice of the internet.

Will this round finally be the end of SOUTHAMERICANSANDWICHES? Can the American hamburger continue to dominate the competition? Which cheese will win? Am I crazy for thinking pizza is overrated?

Vote and comment now!

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One Response to The Football Foodie World Cup: Quarter Finals

  1. All these pictures of food is making me hungry. Definitely going for the American Hamburger and the Swiss Fondue. Yummy!

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