The Football Foodie World Cup: Group C – England (Beans on Toast), Algeria (Sweet Dates), United States (Hamburger) and Slovenia (Sirovi štruklji) is up over at B&GT.

Vote USA! USA! USA! USA! I’ve even included an American soundtrack to kick-ass to while you vote.

We’re just going to post all of these, because The Starter Wife makes some amazing food. LOOK AT THAT BURGER! I can cook burgers, but mine don’t look that awesome.

I cannot claim that I made that burger.  It came from the awesome from the always awesome Oaks Gourmet. If you would like a burger recipe, check out my Friday Football Foodie post for Mini Burgers from the ‘09 NFL season, as seen in the above photo.

(But just case there is any confusion, I just updated my post too.) 


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