Today in The Music of New Coke, Billy Joel’s “You’re Only Human (Second Wind)” from Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits, Volume I & II.

Growing up I never had much appreciation for Billy Joel and I regarded his music as the sound of squares, Boomers, and Christie Brinkley videos.  Then I went off to college in New York City and added categories of “kids from Long Island/New Jersey who think this is what NYC sounds like” and “the children of Bensonhurst and Breezy Point.”  (Which is to say, Greatest Hits, Volume I & II was required listening at Fordham, along with Black 47, Frank Sinatra, and Van Morrison.)

I am fairly certain that “You’re Only Human” only prevented teen suicide during the New Coke era.  Today’s jaded youth would demand more Facebook friends than the pickle that received more friends than Nickelback to assure them their lives are worth living.

Be sure to pay close attention to the 2:20 mark of the video.  The guy being pulled out of the water is now the co-host of “Mythbusters” on The Discovery Channel.  You think he would have done an episode of “How New Coke actually tasted better than old Coke” by now considering his connection to the time.

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