We miss you too buddy.  We’ll be here in July.  World Cup season!

For everyone else who said this was quite of a lot of booze and we could make anything?  That’s the point.  What if we want Sidecars?  Or Jeremy wants a Manhattan?  Or a Rusty Nail?  Or a real margarita?  Or shots of Jager (Jagr!) after a Pens win? Or lemoncello after a dinner of chicken piccata and pasta (like tonight)?  And different gins for different drinks?

Anyway, people know our door is always open.  Our place is small, but our kitchen, TV and hearts are large.  Hang out any time.  

That goes for all of you.



Mr. Bendawson inspired me to do my own GPOYLCW.

It’s okay to judge.  I’m ashamed we’re out of Maker’s Mark too.

All I have is a bottom row full of Rogue Dead Guy, a handle of vodka, and a fifth of cheap whiskey. You all are making me look bad.

(Also, I miss your liquor selection, Sarah. Los Angeles in July…I hope.)

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