Today in The Music of New Coke, Robert Plant’s “Little By Little” from his May of 1985 album, Shaken N’ Stirred.

In my mind, this song always invokes a freeze frame/closing shot of Don Johnson in “Miami Vice.”  (It was used in Season 2; Episode 6 “Junk Love” even though IMDB does not list it.  Music usage was not listed in television credits during the ’80s like it is today and TV soundtracks might be IMDB’s weakest section.) 

1:54 to 2:24 of “Little By Little” still makes the bottom fall out of my stomach in the guttural, primal way that only R&B-tinged British rock can.  Plant’s pause and moan around the 2:40 mark is the tease the reminds me to exhale.

Children of New Coke? We fell in lust with solo Plant before we knew Led Zeppelin Plant existed.

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