Presenting Tweets of the Week: Episode V.

Featuring: @KBAnderson, @AndrewBucholtz, @Eagah (via @Nastinchka), @alonelikmacauly, @loljocks_grimey, @ClevelandFrowns, @CaptainAnnoying, @lipstickonteeth (via @LarchmontLA), @petegaines, @jarnoldisnotemo, @xjdx, @DHSpeedwagon, @(Dave)attell, and the lovely @BabesLoveBBall.

In this week’s disaster of a podcast we touch on the robots of NYC, peeing in a swimming pool, the NBA and NHL playoffs, relativity theory of time space and the amount of errors on Wikipedia, Magic Johnson, oysters, the magic of measuring cheese by volume, way too much time on how do you say “Eagah” and much more fun stuff along the way.

Enjoy the show!

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