Story Highlights:

36 words.

Actual story:

109 words.

Also, it is rather odd that the “Story Highlights” note the game is going to be held at Busch Stadium but the story does not.

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5 Responses to Why I do not read (CNN) SI

  1. dctrojan says:

    I don’t wish to appear (any more) stupid (than usual) but for those of us who don’t follow baseball, what’s the obvious mistake?

  2. No mistake. I just cannot believe they post a story with only 106 words and still have to summarize it at the top.

  3. dctrojan says:

    Oh. Sadly after years of writing presentations for consulting / tech firms, it would never occur to me that providing a summary of next to no information would be unusual.

  4. JoeCrow says:

    I love that SI does this. They dont have the great writers that espn has, although, I do enjoy Norman Chad

  5. jj says:

    At least they have articles. 80% of the stuff on ESPN are clips from sportscenter.

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